It's Been A While

Shot my high school friend for fun last Saturday and it made me realize how much I miss photographing people, things, landscapes and/or anything under the sun just for the heck of it. Maybe if I wasn't letting my self-issues drag me down so much, I would be doing more of this. Well, that's something I have to work on and hopefully someday I'll be ready enough to talk about it here.

TV Shows I'm Currently Obsessed With

This entire post is a portrayal of how much of a "TV show addict" I am and how much I badly need to go out and see my friends. Over the past few weeks, aside from being totally slammed at work, I've been busy looking out for new episodes. Along the way, I also discovered new shows but so far, these three are on top of my list. 

(Just a little warning, I might slip a few spoilers here and there so read at your own risk)

All-Time Favorite Style Inspirations

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Back when I was in high school, I had no idea about what kind of look I was going for every time I dress up to go out of the house. For me, it was always comfort over style. Gimme a cool shirt, a pair of denim jeans and sneakers, and I'm all good. In fact, I wore just that (plus a gray hoodie) during my second year Christmas party. "What the hell?" right? I'll spare you from all the horror by not adding a photo of it here.

What's in My Bag: The Out-of-College Edition

How long has it been? My fingers can't even count the days that has passed by that I didn't do an update for my blog series, especially the What's In My Bag? one. The last time I posted something under this category was ages ago in my old Tumblr blog. It was full of all the things I needed to survive each day in school. It would've been cool to have that post here and see how my bag contents has evolved throughout the years. Unfortunately,  I couldn't find the original post anymore. Anyway, let's get started with this "out of college" edition of this blog series :)

The Sunday Currently # 2

It's Sunday once again, and I believe I haven't posted a Sunday Currently entry since last month. I don't know what are the exact rules of this blog series (should I post one every week or every month? or every time I'm running out of new things to blog about?), but anyway, here I am publishing a new one.

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