The Wait

How long has it been since the last time I packed my bags and flew to another place? How long has it been since I bid goodbye to my mother who keeps reminding me to stay safe and to my father who texts me "kamusta nak?" even if I haven't boarded my plane yet? I traced back the months and my count reached to three. Three months have passed. I shook my head and sighed.

The Sunday Currently #3

It's crazy that the last time I published an entry under The Sunday Currently series was last September 2016. Doing blog series has been pushed far down my list of to-do's for my blog and I miss it so bad. Fortunately, I have this afternoon to do nothing else but that. Let's get onto it, shall we?

Revisiting Bohol

Panglao Island, Philippines

The list of things I'm grateful for this year seems to be never ending. One of them is having the opportunity to revisit places that I've already been to last year. Bohol was the very first island my college friends and I visited right after graduation. Though we had a bit of a "super tight" budget then since we were still unemployed fresh grads, it was nothing short of fun. If our first visit was adrenaline pumping, our second time was the complete opposite. We shelled out a little on our accommodation and had a laid back weekend.

Defying Gravity at The Upside Down Museum

When you were a kid, did you ever have those moments when you wished you had a super power? Well, I have and I blame it all on X-Men movies. I used to watch the first three movies as a kid and wished I had the ability to control objects with my mind like Jean Grey. Unfortunately, I'm not born as a mutant. But it's so cool that there are places like The Upside Down Museum where you can pretend that you have the power to defy gravity. That's why during my trip to Manila last June, my high school friend and I made sure to visit the place.

A Little Life Update

People go to new places to try new things, to explore, and ultimately, to grow. They find comfort in the road, the airport, and the streets of an unfamiliar city. Sure, I think of myself as one of those people. But I also think that sometimes coming back to the familiar is important too. So here I am in the four corners of my room, taking a break from wandering and basking in every moment of being "home".

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