Cebu Trip 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014 Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

This is the third time that I visited the Queen City of the South and as always, Cebu has never failed to continue to amaze me with its high-rise buildings, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet development, good food and culture. 

My batch mates and I left Cagayan de Oro on the evening of January 29 and arrived in Cebu on the 30th. Since we were on a tight schedule, we went straight to our first stop which was the Word Broadcasting Network, a radio network funded by the SVDs. We visited Sun Star Cebu, Cebu Normal University and Cebu Daily News (Philippine Daily Inquirer). I missed a few interesting stuff all because I was drowsy as heck. The boat ride was so tiring that I wished we had the entire morning to ourselves to catch up some z's. 

After the tour, some friends and I decided to hang out and experience Cebu's night life. As the night got deeper, a lot of crazy fun stuff happened that I'll probably never do again~loljk no.

Almost everyone woke up to a terrible headache for day two. A lot of wild stuff happened the night before that drained everyone for day two. Our first stop for the day was ABC 5’s Cebu studio. It was cool witnessing the behind the scenes of a news program, whether it be aired on TV or radio. 

Since ABC 5’s studio was located in the same place where the Taoist Temple stood, we dropped by the place to marvel at it’s amazing architecture and to (in a way) know more about Taoist culture. Well maybe that’s just me. IDK with the rest~mehehehe. It was my second time to visit the said place and as hackneyed as it may sound, it never fails to amaze me with its architecture. I couldn’t stop myself from taking shit tons of pictures of its intricate details. Oh and by the way, excuse my trying-hard-lookbook-pose. You can laugh at it all you want though :3

We then went back to the downtown area and visited the oh-so famous Magellan’s Cross. I think it’s currently being “improved” (they’re trying to make it earthquake proof I guess) because of the 7.2 earthquake that hit Bohol and Cebu last November. A few of my friends and I went inside the candle lighting area of Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu to light a candle and say a little prayer. 

San Pedro Calungsod Church was also checked off from our places-to-visit list. I didn’t get off the bus to see the inside of the San Pedro Calungsod Church because I wasn’t feeling well already. Actually, for the entire trip, I keep feeling weird. I mean, for a few hours I’d feel really funky and energetic as heck but in the next few hours, I’d feel weak and feverish. That didn’t stop me from having fun though.

Last stop of the day’s tour was Ayala Center Cebu. I’ve visited it last year and I think I had enough strolling around the place. Good thing my older brother and his girlfriend came to rescue me from burning a hole in my pocket because I couldn’t think of anything else to do but to just hang out in Bo’s inside Fullybooked and wait for the bus. We had dinner at Casa Verde in I.T Park. Their food and place was awesome. It was vintage-y because of their decorations. There were airplanes hanging from the ceiling, American car plates, old movie posters and comics. I’ll post more photos and talk more about it on a separate post :D

After filling the hungry monsters inside our tummies, we then went to Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino. The whole place blew my mind away especially the design they had on their lobby’s ceiling. I’m not sure if it was a painting though. It was a map of Magellan’s voyage. I have a weakness for maps (and tress) and this one caught my heart effortlessly. 

We also went inside Casino Filipino and it made me think of Timezone. The only difference is that people would win shit tons of money instead of tickets or tokens. 

Day three! Woot! Woot! Good thing the sun shone all it’s glory upon us or we’ll be stuck in Cebu for another day (which isn’t really a bad thing). Our first stop for the day was Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated. I admit, I didn’t really paid a lot of attention to the speakers because I was busy trying to wake myself up even if I had enough sleep the night before. Also, my tummy was acting all crazy that I had to rush off to the comfort room to do my funky business lolkay. 


After RAFI, we dropped by Casa Gorordo Museum, which was located right across RAFI. The place reminded me so much of a certain horror movie (that I’m having a hard time trying to recall right now). Every nook and cranny was picture perfect. My photos doesn’t even do justice to how beautiful the place is.


The whole Cebu trip was fun and educational. It was a trip full of firsts and second times that still feels like a first (lolkay). ‘Till the next lakwatsa! 

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