Where to Eat in CDO: Good Fellas Pizza

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just when I thought that no other pizza place can surpass my ultimate favorite, Good Fellas Pizza opened up a few weeks ago and proved to me that I haven't found the best yet. 
Pizza has always been something that doesn't only make me happy but also something that makes me forget about all the stress I have been enduring. For the past weeks, school has become more than the bitch it was before. It's still prelim period and I am already under in so much pressure. The opening of Good Fellas Pizza happened at the right time. The morning after the soft opening, I invited my good ol' high school girl friend to try the place. It was a perfect afternoon to de-stress and catch-up with someone I haven't hung out with ever since the school year started. 

Big Joea.k.a The Godfather of All Pizzas, was the best pizza I have tasted so far in my history of pizza-capades. It was a 9-inch full of pepperoni, ham, bacon, sausage, and beef. But that's not the best part. Aside from the fact that it's packed with different kinds of meat, the melted cheese and the drops of hot sauce sent my soul to cloud nine. It was that good. To be honest, recalling how good it was makes my tummy rumble right now. 
Good Fellas Pizza doesn't just have the best pizzas you can't get enough of, but they also have awesome decorations that gives the whole place this certain sleek and funky vibe. It's like every pizza lover's heaven. 
If you're planning to visit Cagayan de Oro soon, you'll miss half of your life if you're not going to visit Good Fellas Pizza! Oh and if you're thinking of having a milk tea x pizza combo, cups of heavenly milk teas are just a few steps away! :) 
Good Fellas Pizza is conveniently located at the second floor of Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea and Cafe, Pabayo - Chaves Branch.

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