Summer in Cebu

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

It will always feel so good to visit Cebu. Just when you thought you've seen every interesting place or tried every food or did every activity that the city has to offer, turns out, there will be so much more. 

Our mini trip to the Queen City of the South was time-bounded. We left on the 30th of April instead of the 29th since the boat travels for the 29th were fully booked already. It was a-okay though because I had more time to actually pack lol. We arrived the next day and headed straight to my uncle's house in Calamba to settle our bags. Even if Cebu isn't suffering from rotational blackouts (unlike here in CDO), the summer heat was still so intense even if you're staying indoors. 

After settling in, we head off to the main campus of University of San Carlos to request for a copy of my grandmother's diploma. She graduated from USC during the year 1954 and I'm actually quite surprised that they still have copies of it filed somewhere in the dusty corners of their office. We didn't get to go inside the school since the registrar's office was located in their Talamban campus. My mom had to visit the place the next day. 

Basilica de Sto. NiƱo was our next stop. It's my mom's tradition to visit the said historical church whenever she gets the chance to visit Cebu. The restoration of the bell tower that was damaged during the 7.2 earthquake last year, is still in the works. There were a lot of people that day. "A lot" is even an understatement. My cousin told me that thousands and thousands of people visit the church everyday. The number of people during that day was normal.

Last stop of the day was Ayala Center Cebu. My younger brother and sister was a bit amazed by how big the place was compared to our Centrio Mall here in Cagayan de Oro. To try out something new for dinner, we had burgers and fries in Flame It! Their multi-colored burger buns are cute. My cousin and I had their cheese steak burgers while my siblings and my mom had their classic burger. Their cheese steak burger tastes so good that I had a burger hangover for the whole time I was in Cebu. I can't stop thinking about it right now actually. If only they deliver to CDO haha! 

Anyway, day two in the big city was spent lounging in my uncle's house while watching episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. My mom had to go get my grandmother's diploma in USC Talamban with my cousin and my younger brother. When they came back, we all went out for dinner and dined at STK Ta Bay. STK stands for sugba (grill), tola (sour soup/stew) and kilaw (ceviche). They're famous for their grilled tuna jaw. I understand why so many people, celebrities or not, have patronized the said restaurant because they serve great food and they have a great ambiance too. You certainly get what you paid for. 

After filling our hungry tummies with really good food, we were debating where to go next. We were planning to visit a Korean cafe but we decided to visit La Vie Parisienne instead. La Vie Parisienne is a bakery, deli and wine bar. You'll never run out of wine choices. They offer mouthwatering cakes and pastries; from French macaroons to French baguettes and pies. Their French macaroons is the best so far (I have yet to taste the Laduree in the near future! haha!). You get to eat and drink wine under the glow of magenta colored trees. It's definitely a classy place to dine in. More photos to follow soon! :)
Even if it rained hard on us that night, we didn't give up and still enjoyed our stay. The best part was they had a trampoline! It was my first time to jump in one and I let the kid in me let loose. It certainly was one of the best nights of my life! :D
Just before we boarded a ship back to Cagayan de Oro, my older brother's girlfriend and my cousins made sure we stop by a cafe from one of my cafes-to-visit list. My cousin suggested I should visit Cafe Namoo  for my first time and it didn't fail me. I've seen photos of the place from the internet and thought that it's a cute and relaxing place. And yes, the place is more than cute and relaxing. They have this room filled with purple and blue balloons. You just can't help but let the six year-old kid in you let loose again! 

Almost the entire place is filled with colorful post-its and notes. Some of them were expressing how much they enjoyed their stay in the said cafe, others were expressing how much they love a certain person. There were also love and friendship quotes posted almost everywhere! It just shows how happy and satisfied the customers are. 
Another awesome thing about this place is that you don't get to dine the usual way. They have these cute two-storey dining areas (I seriously don't know how else to describe them haha!) with colorful and fluffy pillows and a cute table with the cafe's logo on it.
We ordered their Java Chip Frap and it was a-okay for its price. The best thing about it though is that if you order two Java Chip Fraps, they'll give you a free honey bread, which is probably the most sosyal and delicious loaf bread I've ever tasted in my life so far. Sure it looks like an ordinary loaf bread with whip cream and nuts but it tasted like heaven! I'm not sure if it's because of the whip cream or the sprinkled cinnamon powder but there's just something about it that I can't stop thinking about. It's the same feeling I had with Flame It's cheese steak burger.
I'll definitely visit Cafe Namoo again if ever I set foot in the Queen City of the South again! Cafe Namoo is located in 2F Northgate Centre (in front of Gaisano Country Mall), Banilad, Cebu City. They are open from 10am to 1am :D

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