Book Talk: Paper Towns and Life Realizations

A few weeks ago, I received my fair share of payment from one of my side projects. I was supposed to be heading home after meeting with the client, when I decided to drop by the bookstore. I just wanted to do some window shopping, but this table full of John Green, Jennifer Smith, Rainbow Rowell and many others, attracted me. I picked up This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer Smith and read the back portion of the book. I eventually thought of splurging half of my pay for it. I was in the middle of the long queue when I decided to exchange Jennifer Smith's book for John Green's Paper Towns. And I didn't regret a thing.

The Indie Project

The past weekend has definitely been a productive one. I'm proud to tell you guys that I haven't been skipping classes as often as I did in the previous school year. I can actually count the number of classes I missed so far, unlike last year. Aside from that, I also participated in the DevCom General Assembly last Saturday. It's something I have to be proud of because for the first time, I actually attended the yearly event.

Where to Eat in CDO: Poprock Bakeshop & Cafe

Hello from the four dusty and humid corners of my humble abode! 
I have been meaning to write and post this entry a few days ago but I got caught up with a few things like writing more entries for "For Amanda", editing photos for the sports shoot I did last weekend, and of course scheduling posts for work. Oh and also, John Green's Paper Towns have kept me occupied too. The book's too good that I can't go a day without reading at least three or four chapters.

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