The Indie Project

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The past weekend has definitely been a productive one. I'm proud to tell you guys that I haven't been skipping classes as often as I did in the previous school year. I can actually count the number of classes I missed so far, unlike last year. Aside from that, I also participated in the DevCom General Assembly last Saturday. It's something I have to be proud of because for the first time, I actually attended the yearly event.

Yesterday, I went on a fun shoot with my group mates in my major subject and three friends who are in the mood to model for us. One of the requirements of our major subject is to conduct a seminar this September. My group and I are focused on organizing one about the Freedom of Information Bill for our 30+ fourth year high school audience. Instead of shelling out our own pockets for the seminar's budget, we thought of doing a photo session to raise funds instead. It's something creative, fun, and productive at the same time.
So ladies and gents, let me (and my group) present to you, "The Indie Project". A music festival fashion inspired photo session that will happen on July 26 -27, and on every Sunday of August.

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