Flashback Friday at Bigby's

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

People coming in their best smart casual black outfits, partying under neon lights, auctioning off vintage items, meeting new people, and eating good food – now those are really good combinations that I experienced all at once last Saturday at one of Cagayan de Oro's homegrown restaurants. 
Last September 20, 2014, I went to an auction hosted by Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant, and it was one of those fun first times. I was blessed enough to be invited to the event by my blogger best friend, James Tubeo, who blogs over at The Chubby Buddy

Flashback Friday at Bigby's is all about the relaunching of the said restaurant's new interior and menu. Back then, Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant shared the space with Missy Bon Bon Bread Shop  the home of the finest gelato in town. Now, the restaurant is more spacious and can accommodate parties, meetings, and/or big gatherings.
Not only is it spacious now, the new decorations gives the place a certain "wanderlust" feel. This travel-inspired restaurant will make you feel like you're dining somewhere in New York or London while your taste buds are travelling to different countries, one bite and dish at a time. Details about their fabulous menu will be blogged in a separate entry :)
The whole event was crazy fun! A few decorations that were displayed in the restaurant before the big makeover were put up for auction using the Bigby's Dollars they handed out to the guests. It was so fun seeing people raising up their pretend money and placing their bids on cool items like the replica of a vintage Shakespeare Stratford-on-Avon poster – which was the apple of Penda's eyes – a colorful mask in a frame, a vintage leather luggage – which James won *cue hipster-ish pose with vintage luggage*  – and two vintage cameras. One was the framed Nishika 3D (the one I'm holding in the picture above) and the other was a lookalike of this camera
The auction-off of the un-framed vintage camera was the exciting part. Since majority of the guests were eyeing it, those guests joined all their Bigby's Dollars to place higher bids. Eventually, it was auctioned off at 22+ thousand Bigby's Dollars. 
What makes the whole event more fun is that I had the chance to meet new people. Some bloggers of CDO Bloggers attended the event and I was more than honored to have met each one of them. I also met the geniuses behind Good Fellas Pizza and Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea and Cafe, Aldrian Villegas and Geli Paras, a.k.a the pizza and milk tea gods :D
Flashback Friday at Bigby's was definitely THE party of the month for me. Nothing beats having a good time with good food and good people after a long month full of school-related stress and whatnot. Bigby's Restaurant and Cafe's food was definitely an instant stress-reliever.
I hope there'll be more cool events like this to come soon! :)
Some photos by my cool friend, Ajae Evangelista

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