Camp Courage

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It has been a few days since Camp Courage but my happiness hasn't subsided yet. Joining the camp was definitely planned out by God himself. It was no accident that I spent the weekend seeing His love and beauty with all the other courageous girls. We've talked about a lot of interesting topics. From calligraphy, to beauty and boys – I've seen these things in a different light because of the camp. 

Here are some of the things I've learned:
On calligraphy and being creative:
  • Calligraphy is how you write words while typography is how you arrange words.
  • Your talent is meant to be shared.
  • Words are very powerful.
  • Believe in what you create.
  • Don't be constricted by your equipment ("It's not about the arrow, it's the Indian.")
  • Set goals and daily deadlines. 
  • Don't do things empty. Make your work have a heartbeat.
On love and relationships:
  • The perfect guy is not a list. Find someone who isn't temporary. Find someone who is real. 
  • "Girls who are so found in God are the most courageous ones."
Also, one of the highlights of the camp was finally meeting Katrina San Juan. I've been so inspired by the things that she does ever since I stumbled upon her blog. It was so great talking to her about creativity, her work as a videographer of a wedding video company, about conveying a story through your talent, and a whole lot of other things that inspired me to carry on with capturing the His beauty through words and photographs. 
I've also met Kaye Matriano, a fellow weirdo with a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed listening to her talk about embracing your uniqueness and weirdness. Also, her song "Truth is, You're Already Taken" is a lovely song that girls who are single (like me lol) should listen to. Don't feel bad about you being single. Truth is, you're already taken by a love that will never ever leave you forsaken :)
There are more beautiful and interesting things that we have discussed during the talks, the workshops, and the beautiful conversations I've had with the camp volunteers, but I find it a tad bit hard to recall it now~teehee. The bottom line of all this is to let God be at the center of your life. Let everything that you do be according to His great and divine plan. Like what the camp volunteers told us and the other girls, living a life that will fulfill His true purpose in you will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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