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Sunday, December 21, 2014

In the previous weekend, I had the chance to get away from my hometown for a short visit to one of the biggest cities in the world, Davao City. The 8-hour bus ride was literally a pain in the ass, but what makes it worth it was having this beautiful moment that I’d like to relive over and over again. 
While my mom and I were still on the road to Davao City, we had to pass through Buda. It was already the wee hours in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. It was too cold inside the bus to the point that I was trying to stop myself from shivering. I decided to stay awake until we finally reach the city proper and it was one of the right decisions I’ve made in my life. 
Since I couldn’t get my camera to capture the moment, I decided to write a sort-of “travel journal” in my phone. And I guess it was better that way because I had to really live in the moment instead of struggling to capture it.
Here are strings of thoughts from my sort-of “travel journal”:
  • It’s 4:15 in the morning and the small villages we’ve passed by are still asleep. There are quaint houses built on top of hills, just like the ones I’ve seen in the movies. I wish someday soon, I could own one and stay there for the rest of my natural life. I can see silhouettes of hills in my right. They stand there like sleeping giants, ready to be awaken by the first burst of sunlight. 
  • Forty-five minutes has passed and I can see the sun peeping through the pine trees, like a child playing hide-and-seek. 
  • It’s 5:20 now and I can see the first burst of sunlight. This makes me think of the opening scene of ‘The Lion King’. 
  • Several minutes have passed and I can see the sun rising slowly. The pale blue sky has hints of pale orange now. It made me think of a child, dripping paint onto a canvass of pale blue. We’re trudging through the long road, enveloped in a white sheet of fog. This is the kind of moment that is too wonderful and majestic, you don’t want to capture it. You just want to live in it and etch it in your memory. I remember Sean O’Connell’s words in ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. He said, “If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.
  • It’s 6:00AM now and the sky has changed so much. To my left, I can see the sky changing colors. From pale orange, the sky has hints of a violent shade of orange, dancing in a lighter shade of blue. To my right, my seatmate is sleeping soundly. I wish I had slept but then again, if I’m to see this view, I’d gladly sacrifice it. 
  • Often times, I have thought of escaping; of seeing and experiencing moments like this through reblogging photos of it in Tumblr, but here I am now. This isn’t a photo in a computer screen anymore. I’m living in it. This is real.
This list is a more correct version. The one in my phone are scrambled thoughts with super ugly grammar. I was struggling to type words in it while trying to thaw my frozen fingers haha!
That moment definitely made the 8-hour sleepless bus ride worth it. It was such a humbling and enlightening experience. The way the sun peeped through these pine trees – creating silhouettes, the sky changing into different shades of lovely colors, the quaint houses – all these things I’ve seen are things that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Well except for more opportunities to travel and have more experiences like that haha! 
Kidding aside, that moment made me feel so small, in a good way. There’s this amazing God who created all these beautiful things, and yet He still listens to my cares and worries. I mean, c’mon, who am I? I am a speck of dust, but He still remains to be my hope and strength. He loves me without bounds. And to be able to experience that moment made me feel His love and greatness even more.
I really wished I could have photographed the moment for you – my dear readers, to see how majestic the view was, but it’s really something that you should experience for yourself. It’s difficult to make you feel the same things I felt through a 600-pixel sized photo. 
Come 2015, I hope and pray that you and me will have more opportunities to go out there and marvel at the beauty He has created. I also hope and pray that you and me will see the beauty and feel His love even in the smallest of things in our everyday life. 

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