The Sunny Side

Sunday, December 28, 2014

It has been raining cats and dogs ever since last night and I'm sort-of missing the sunshine and summer-y vibe of the last time I went to the beach with my batch mates. 

That beach outing was actually a graded activity. It was a requirement of a major subject that talks about communication management in organizations. We were graded on how well we planned the whole thing. This is the kind of group activity that I like; the kind that brings everyone closer to have nothing but pure fun (and well, grades lol). 
It was nice hanging out with my batch mates. Playing good ol' kiddie games, grilling fish, enjoying a nice lunch, taking a dip in the water, sipping a few cocktails, and talking about anything under the sun – these activities brought us closer. Looking at these pictures made me feel a tad bit sentimental and it made me say, "These are the people I'll hopefully graduate with." 
The things we've been through as a batch was crazy fun and difficult at the same time. We've lost a few people along the way. Some of them shifted to another course, others chose different paths. From more than sixty people in the batch, we have been broken down into two majors. There are only twenty-one of us taking up Journalism. 
I really hope these are the people I'll finally graduate with. I can't afford to shift to another course and start from the beginning again. I definitely don't want to be in a new batch anymore haha! Here's to hoping I'll graduate with these people on 2016 *crosses fingers* 

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