Where to Eat in CDO: 678 Chicken

Cagayan de Oro’s rising to the top of every foodie’s must-visit place! Not only are cafes and tea shops sprouting everywhere (like wildflowers hihi), but restaurants are opening left and right too. Recently, 678 Chicken — the Philippine’s very first branch — has opened their doors to the fried chicken-loving Kagay-anons.

Where to Eat in CDO: Bowties & Butter

Here’s a confession: I am a huge fan of french toasts, cakes, cupcakes, brownies – basically anything sweet. Okay it isn’t really a confession~teehee. My sugar obsession is apparent on the food posts I have published. Cafes and tea shops – where most of these sweet things are being sold – are usually the star of my food posts. I have lost count on the number of shops I have tried, but who’s counting? I don’t mind if my “shops-to-go-to-when-you’re-craving-for-sweets” list is growing!

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