Internship Realizations

Looking back at all the highs and lows of the internship that I had over the summer makes me feel a mix of many different emotions. It was an experience that challenged me so much. It revealed a lot of things about myself and about the people I was with. It made me realize several things about the newspaper industry, and it made me fall in love with the idea of being in a different city alone.

Of Bonfires and Good Friends

During the long weekend, a few of my college friends and I went to the beach at night. Even if it was raining cats and dogs, we still pushed our plans through. We wanted to have a one last hurrah to the great summer we just had. The rain didn’t stop us from grilling our dinner, passing around shot glasses of good drinks, and exchanging stories.

Time Travelling in Museo Sugbo

Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

 A day after my co-intern and I finished our duties in Cebu Daily News, we spent a day rewarding ourselves with art and history. Our first stop was supposed to be the Cebu City Public Library but unfortunately it was closed when we got there. So we went to our supposed to be second stop which is Museo Sugbo.

Cafe Hunt Part II

The last cafe that my friends and I went to during our cafe hunt was Cafe Talk - Library. It’s several blocks away from Coffee Prince. We can ride a jeepney bound for Ayala since it will pass by the cafe, but we chose to walk instead. Be extra careful if you’re going to do the same thing we did. Cebu City’s streets aren’t super safe, especially at night. 

Cafe Hunt Part I

During the six-week internship, most of the nights were spent walking around in malls or cafe hunting. Since me and my friends didn’t have TV in the pad and getting a taxi is just a few taps away, we were always out somewhere trying one cafe after another. During one particular night, we went out to try Coffee Prince and Cafe Talk - Library. I decided to write about the other cafe in a separate entry because this one’s already heavy with photos :)

Book Craze Inside MV Logos Hope

Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

There are a few more posts left and I’ll finally be done with my Cebu backlogs. And every time I try to recall all the fun I had makes me miss it. Take me back to that stressful but fun summer please! 

Quirky Things at Tazza Cafe

If your food adventures takes you to Lahug, one of the places you can try is Tazza Cafe. There are a lot of Instagram photos of their place and what caught my attention was the red London telephone booth-looking door (hehe) and the blue couch. Two of my classmates arrived in the city that morning, after being assigned in Ormoc, Leyte for a month as part of their internship duties. Since the five of us were already in Ayala Center Cebu, we grabbed a taxi right away and went to the cafe. I just couldn’t miss the chance to tag them all along to another cafe hunt haha!

Cozy in Pink at Cafe Tiala

There’s a place in Cebu City where you and your friends can dine in a pink room and you’ll be treated as prince and princesses by the staff. You can borrow princess clothes, drink tea, watch a movie, and pretend like you’re royalty. Yup! It’s only in Cafe Tiala that me and my friends pretended we were princesses for the night. Well... minus the dress-up-like-princesses part haha!

Good Food with Good Friends at Cafe Racer

After a long day of work, I wanted to eat somewhere new and unique not only for the blog but also for the sake of having a different kind of dining experience. Cafe Racer is the first place I thought of. I’ve seen so many Instagram photos of it, but those were just sneak peeks of how cool the place was. It’s a different feeling to see the actual cafe.

Not Your Ordinary Hotel

Ever since I blogged about Albert and Pebbles’ engagement photos for work, I knew I needed to visit The Henry Hotel. Just by looking at their photos, it made me wish I could teleport to that place right then and there! And yeah... I wished that I’d have my pre-nup photos taken there too~hehe

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