Cafe Hunt Part I

Monday, June 15, 2015

During the six-week internship, most of the nights were spent walking around in malls or cafe hunting. Since me and my friends didn’t have TV in the pad and getting a taxi is just a few taps away, we were always out somewhere trying one cafe after another. During one particular night, we went out to try Coffee Prince and Cafe Talk - Library. I decided to write about the other cafe in a separate entry because this one’s already heavy with photos :)

Anyway, the first cafe we visited was Coffee Prince. It’s one of those Korean boutique cafes with double-decked spaces that can accommodate groups five or more. It’s a two-storey building with spacious dining areas in the first floor and double-decked dining areas in the second floor. They also have an alfresco dining area with a huge LCD TV playing concerts and music videos. 
Their decorations are absolute eye candies! Teddy bears, inspiring quotes, neon-colored love locks, and quirky drawings (of this little girl who looked like the one printed on a back of a postcard I received years ago haha) will definitely catch your attention. As what I’ve read in other blogs, the cafe is inspired by the 2007 hit Korean drama entitled Coffee Prince. 
When it comes to their food, we didn’t try a lot from their menus. We agreed on letting one of us order there while the other will order something in the next cafe. One of my friends ordered their Caramel Frappe and it was divine. I think you can never go wrong with caramel frappes. It will always taste heavenly. I’ll definitely try their Luther Burger and Chocolate Waffle when I get back soon. Bucket listed haha!

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