Cafe Hunt Part II

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The last cafe that my friends and I went to during our cafe hunt was Cafe Talk - Library. It’s several blocks away from Coffee Prince. We can ride a jeepney bound for Ayala since it will pass by the cafe, but we chose to walk instead. Be extra careful if you’re going to do the same thing we did. Cebu City’s streets aren’t super safe, especially at night. 

Anyway, Cafe Talk - Library has almost the same features with some of the Korean cafes we’ve been to. There are double-decked spaces that are good for two or for groups. There are also tables and chairs if you don’t feel like taking your shoes off and sit Indian style. Various copies of books and some board games are available for guests to borrow. I badly wanted to borrow the box of Jenga pieces but my friends were busy working on something so yeah... maybe next time. The shop has three WiFi routers to connect to and it’s quite fast. 
I ordered their Nutella Frappe and it was heavenly. Recalling how good it was makes me crave for it now! Everything is just better with Nutella. We also ordered their Honey Bread. I like how there are slices of almond, and honey syrup inside the bread. Oh gosh. Writing about it makes me hungry! Take me back please! :D
There are two Cafe Talk branches. One is Cafe Talk -Library, the one we visited in N. Escario Street, and another branch in Gaisano Country Mall. I googled about the other branch and found out that they have a Paris theme! Ahhh! I hope I can try it on my next visit! 
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