Cozy in Pink at Cafe Tiala

Monday, June 8, 2015

There’s a place in Cebu City where you and your friends can dine in a pink room and you’ll be treated as prince and princesses by the staff. You can borrow princess clothes, drink tea, watch a movie, and pretend like you’re royalty. Yup! It’s only in Cafe Tiala that me and my friends pretended we were princesses for the night. Well... minus the dress-up-like-princesses part haha!

After my friends and I had a short visit in Waterfront Hotel (we were curious what an actual casino looks like), we decided to drop by Cafe Tiala since it’s a few blocks away. When we entered the cafe, white and pastel pink double-decked spaces, fairy lights, and their staff dressed as fancy maids greeted us. 

Since most of the rooms with TVs were already occupied, we settled in a small pink room. I felt like I was transported back to my younger years when I was still playing doll houses. The room’s sliding door was designed similarly to a doll house that I once had. We went up to the upper deck and we had fun taking photos with their huge teddy bears. The lighting was good too so we couldn’t resist taking tons of photos. 

The cafe has this “one order per person” rule so even if I just wanted to check the place out and not order anything (hehe), it made me shell out a friend of mine’s pocket (which I paid after of course haha). We ordered their Korean Ramen, Matcha Green Tea Shake, and their Honey Bread. Their ramen was super spicy that my friend had to ask for water a couple of times. My other friend enjoyed her shake. I also liked their honey bread. 

I noticed that Korean cafes have honey bread as sort-of their staple dessert in their menus. Last year, when I tried Cafe Namoo, they also offer a huge honey bread topped with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and sprinkled with nuts. Every sweet tooth will definitely love that kind of dessert. 

During our stay in the cafe, we were also served with a plate of spicy dish made out of soya (I totally forgot the name of the dish, sorry!) It was super spicy! We couldn’t finish the entire dish. We were also served with a cup of hot sweet potato drink. It tasted good but I didn’t really like it so much :|

Cafe Tiala’s food is a bit pricey but it’s still a good place to try when you’re in Cebu City. There’s a number of activities you can do while you’re in the place. You can watch movies in their rooms with TVs, borrow their princess clothes and pretend like you’re a prince or princess, take tons of photos, or just enjoy a plate of their honey bread. 

Cafe Tiala is located at Unit 2-D 2F The Forum Bldg. Archbishop Reyes Avenue (Bario Luz), 6000 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. They are open everyday from 10 to 12AM. 

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