Where to Eat in CDO: Simple Joys Bakery and Cafe

Thursday, August 20, 2015

There’s this new place in Cagayan de Oro that will make every girl want to put on their Sunday dresses, strap on their pretty sandals or wedges, and maybe wear a lovely floppy hat while they eat cake and drink tea. This is exactly what Simplejoys Bakery and Cafe made me feel when I visited it recently!

I’ve been wanting to go to the place since the first time I saw photos of it on Instagram. The pastel birds and flowers wallpaper captured my heart instantly! When my friends and I visited last Tuesday, the place looked even lovelier than the photos I’ve seen. 
There are so many cute decorations all over the place! From the picture frames, chairs, couches, and chandeliers to the cute trinkets they have on display in their store window. Every nook and cranny is definitely Instagram-worthy. What made me love the place even more is how the owner limited the colors to only pastel shades and white. It’s clean and girly which made me think about how my room in my future house/condo should look like! Haha a girl can dream ;)

Now on to the food! Well, to be honest, I only tried their Pistachio Opera Cake, which tasted heavenly. I don’t really know what the layers were made of and I was too distracted of its prettiness that I forgot to ask about it, but I’ll try to guess it based on what I’ve tasted. For the base, it tasted a bit like Ferrero Rocher or Kitkat. On top of it was a pistachio flavored cake. Then a white chocolate cream was sandwiched between two layers of chocolate cream. If some of you might have tasted or know the ingredients of this lovely cake, feel free to correct me :) Aside from cakes and pastries, they also offer pasta, sandwiches, and rice meals.
I tried only one item from their variety of cakes on purpose so I’ll have more reasons to come back to the place. You should give this place a visit too! Simplejoys Bakery and Cafe is located in J.R Borja - Burgos Sts, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. If you’re going there from Capistrano Street, its located on the right side of the road, before crossing the new J.R Borja bridge. 
They also post updates on their Instagram! :)

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