7/11 Rocked Its Way to CDO

Monday, October 26, 2015

It was a blast! This sentence doesn’t even begin to describe how cool the event was in the previous weekend. 7-Eleven, a popular chain of convenience stores, rocked its way to Cagayan de Oro last Saturday. After expanding to Davao City last May, CDO is the second city in Mindanao to have 7-Eleven stores. 

The grand opening of their Luxe Hotel branch (located along Limketkai Drive) started with a colorful dance presentation by dancers dressed in tribal costumes. Since the said branch is the 1500th 7-Eleven store, they also unveiled the marker which was then followed by the ribbon cutting. 
The press conference that afternoon was pretty interesting. The heads of Philippine Seven Corporation, the country’s licensee of 7-Eleven stores, said that five more stores are set to open in the city. They’re also planning to expand their service to everyday heroes in Iligan, Bukidnon, and General Santos. Oh and did you know that you need about 3.5 million pesos to franchise a 7/11 store? Does anyone out there have a 3.5 million pesos they don’t want? I’m willing to franchise if you fund me hahahaha :D

I’m really glad that 7/11 is finally in CDO. When I had my internship in Cebu last summer, the one located in Bayfront Hotel (which was several steps away from the office that I was assigned in), saved me and my co-intern from developing ulcer (hahaha) by offering a wide range of instant budget-friendly meals. Also, I couldn’t resist their famous Slurpee, Fundae, and their variety of ice cream flavors. I remember those late nights when my co-interns and I booked GrabTaxi rides to get to the nearest 7/11 store from our pad for midnight snack (but mostly for their Chocolate and French Vanilla flavored Fundae *wink wink*). Good thing there was a summer promo going on. We didn’t pay a lot for those rides! :D
Anyway, the day was capped off by a rock concert featuring local bands, Kamikazee, Rico Blanco, and Parokya ni Edgar. Its been a while since I attended an event like it. The last time was when Franco play live last August.

At first, I was hesitant to go because I wanted to go home with my family after dinner and sending off my older brother back to Cebu. But my parents insisted I should go with my nephew since they both know that it was one of the last concerts of Kamikazee before they disband for good. They actually waited for us to finish watching, listening, and singing our hearts out during their set! Ang cute lang. 
It felt so good to be able to see them play live again. The first time I saw and heard them play live was during the Tanduay Rock Fest way back in 2012. So many things have happened and so much has changed since then (and since the very first time I heard their popular Narda) but I still enjoy their music even until now. The energy of the crowd was infectious! I almost lost my voice and I sweated so much. It felt like I just ran a 5K race!
Ahhh.... I’ll miss nights like this when people come together to listen to a good band and sing their tagos-pusong lyrics out loud. I’ll miss basking in the glow of multicolored neon lights, squeezing in a tight crowd, jumping up and down while both hands are in the air, doing a guitar solo by strumming an invisible guitar, and almost breaking my vocal chords just to sing along with them. Nothing compares to Pinoy rock concerts like this #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, a huge virtual hug goes to the awesome people of CDO Bloggers and the people behind the successful event for this cool opportunity. 7/11, what a way to give back to your customers, the ones you consider as everyday heroes!  :D

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