Sweet Little Pleasures

Its true what some people say that Cagayan de Oro is falling deeper in love with food. One proof of that is the rapid rise of restaurants and cafes here and there. But despite all the hip and new places to eat, my college friends and I revisited one of the city’s favorites last Thursday. Cafe hopping (lol at the term) is one of my favorite sweet little (guilty) pleasures.

5 All-Time Favorite TV Shows

I am such a huge TV show junkie! Just like some people out there, I tend to binge watch whenever I have time to kill. I can totally relate to Natalie Tran’s TV Binge Hangover video. I couldn’t resist watching another episode. Sometimes I tell myself, “Hey that’s enough. Let’s watch this tomorrow or some other time when you don’t have school stuff to deal with,” but like what Nat said in the video, why not live a little dangerously? Haha :)

Spooktacular Halloween Circus

I did something really crazy for Halloween. 
Aside from the fact that I dressed up as a goth version of Snow White (or okay the old evil witch in the movie then), I ended October with a loud whoosh.

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