5 All-Time Favorite TV Shows

Monday, November 9, 2015

I am such a huge TV show junkie! Just like some people out there, I tend to binge watch whenever I have time to kill. I can totally relate to Natalie Tran’s TV Binge Hangover video. I couldn’t resist watching another episode. Sometimes I tell myself, “Hey that’s enough. Let’s watch this tomorrow or some other time when you don’t have school stuff to deal with,” but like what Nat said in the video, why not live a little dangerously? Haha :)

Anyway, out of all the TV shows I’ve watched (and tried to watch but gave up eventually), these are my favorites:
P.S: If you haven’t watched some of these TV shows, I suggest not to read further because I’ve written teeny tiny spoilers. We all know how much it sucks to read a spoiler. 
Gossip Girl (2007 - 2012)

I have watched and re-watched the entire six seasons of Gossip Girl and I still feel like the ending was a bit rushed. Gossip Girl’s real identity made me go, “What the f? I don’t deserve this kind of ending”. But at least they let Chuck and Blair end up together and have little Henry. They’re the only reason why I kept watching the show hehe :)
What I like about GG are the clothes, Chuck and Blair, and Serena’s family issues. S and B’s style are to die for! I love how their taste evolved as the show progressed. From preppy high school looks to elegant and more mature looking outfits  — I just loved everything they wore. 
Aside from the clothes, I loved Chuck and Blair. They look so good together. Even if they are complete opposites, they somehow fit perfectly together. Their relationship is so complicated that I was instantly hooked. I don’t know. There’s something about relationships like Chuck and Blair that interests me so much. 
Lastly, Serena’s family is so messed up that I couldn’t stop watching their scenes. I mean, all because of wealth and power that they hire a con artist, sleep with a con artist, get divorces, marry wealthy people... the list just goes on and on. I don’t know if there are actually people out there who has similar family issues. If there are, damn, it must be difficult. 
Supernatural (2005- present)

To be honest, I binged watch Supernatural’s season 1 to 8 two summers ago. I loved each and every episode they released. It was cool seeing Dean and Sam fight Wendigos, Vampires, ghosts, demons, and other scary monsters that are urban legends. Unfortunately, I lost interest in the show when I reached the season (I’m not sure if it was 8 or 9) where heaven was in a huge mess and the angels were fighting each other. It was crazy but I’ll probably try to watch again.
I liked Supernatural because aside from the fact that the Winchester boys’ were so damn attractive, their adventures were interesting too. Also, its the first TV show that I didn’t feel scared or flinch at the gory and scary scenes. 
Nikita (2010 - 2013)

I have so much love for this show that I even wrote about it and submitted it to my teacher as a school requirement. Nikita is an action packed TV show. Every episode is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Oh and who wouldn’t want to be a sexy assassin? *raises both hands* I do! I grew up watching spy movies and I remember wishing I’d become a spy (an astronaut, a historian, Hannah Montana haha) when I grow up. 
The show made me think of the sneaky stuff that the government has probably done or is probably doing. The conspiracy theories in this show are thought-provoking. I couldn’t stop talking about it to my dad. Plus, Shane West and Maggie Q looked perf for each other haha.
Unfortunately, this show lasted for four seasons only. The last season even had four episodes. I think they cancelled it because not a lot of people were watching the show. 
American Horror Story (2011 - present)

I watched Murder House before but I didn’t like it so much. I tried watching Asylum but I couldn’t handle watching scary and crazy people. I did try to watch a few episodes of Freak Show but stopped because of Twisty. Coven is probably the only AHS season that I liked so far (I have yet to watch Hotel). 
I liked the progression of Coven’s story. Also, the witches’ outfits are so classy. The show provided a whole new perspective about witches. They traded the pointy hats with floppy ones, and black is the staple color. I liked Madison and Zoe’s outfits so much. Oh and I couldn’t forget Myrtle Snow’s last words when she was about to be burned at the stake: “Balenciaga!”
Coven was good because I liked how Jessica Lange tried to remain the Supreme. Her acting was divine. Unfortunately, she stopped acting after Freak Show.  
Scandal (2012 - present)

There’s so much I want to say about this show but I’m at loss on how to start it. Okay, here goes nothing. 
I started watching Scandal several months ago because a college classmate recommended the show. Since I liked a TV show about government and conspiracy theories, I decided to binge watch the first season. And my life changed forever. Lol okay not really but I instantly loved the show. 
Scandal was very interesting. Olivia Pope isn’t your average mistress. She’s the mistress of the most powerful man in America. She’s a badass lawyer and crisis manager. The twists and turns of this show is pretty mind boggling too. All the lies, the set-ups, the blackmail — this made me giddy every time. 
I don’t know which character to like. At first, I felt really bad for Mellie and I think she’s the most beaten-up character in the show. I mean, she has done everything for Fitz to become who he is. She has endured the pain of being raped by Fitz’s father, the pain of loosing a child, the pain of knowing that Fitz doesn’t love her anymore  — all these things and more made my heart ache for Mellie. She can be a bitch sometimes and I’d hate her but then I think of the things she has gone through. 
Maybe that’s the thing. There isn’t a character in the show that you have to like (okay maybe there was one, James Novak, but they killed him). Each and everyone is twisted in some way, which makes the show even more interesting. 
Right now, everything’s more complicated because Liv and Fitz has revealed their relationship to the world and papa Pope is out of the supermax prison. I think the fun is just starting and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
How To Get Away With Murder (2014 - present)

Shonda’s TV shows are sort-of my drugs these days. If Scandal’s characters were twisted, HTGAWM’s characters are more twisted. Each one has this crack in their personalities, well except maybe for Oliver. He’s such a nice guy and I hope they won’t kill him in the next episode. 
Anyway, aside from the fact that no one in the show can be trusted, I love it when Annalise Keating slays every court hearing and every case she handles. Scenes like those are my favorite. It makes me want to become a lawyer too. No matter how ugly Annalise’s personality is, you can’t deny that she’s a badass in the court room. 
Right now, I’m eager to find out who shot Annalise and what will happen to the Hapstall case. Bonnie has began to show dozens of cracks in her personality too so its interesting to know what will happen to her. Also, the show is revealing some hints here and there. Wes is probably Annalise’s son but I don’t think they’ll reveal it sooner. Shonda’s shows are known for its unpredictability so I think there might be another twist in the end. 
It’s no denying that TV shows are taking up a great part of myself these days. I can’t seem to just cut myself off from the addiction. And to be honest, I’ve been learning several things from the episodes I’ve watched. 
Aside from murder, ghosts, and realizing that some people are more twisted and crazy than me, I’ve learned a few things about how media plays a super important role in government, in cases — in life generally. The power it holds is just... ugh. I can’t find the right words to write haha :)
Anyway, what about you guys? What are your all-time favorite TV shows? :)
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