Sweet Little Pleasures

Monday, November 16, 2015

Its true what some people say that Cagayan de Oro is falling deeper in love with food. One proof of that is the rapid rise of restaurants and cafes here and there. But despite all the hip and new places to eat, my college friends and I revisited one of the city’s favorites last Thursday. Cafe hopping (lol at the term) is one of my favorite sweet little (guilty) pleasures.
If you haven’t been to CDO yet, one place you have to try while you’re here is Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea and Cafe. They have two branches: one in Lifestyle District and the other in Pabayo Street (right under one of my favorite pizza places evarrr! Good Fellas Pizza). I’ve blogged about the quaint place before and what I said then is true now. I am still deeply in love with the way they make their milk tea. Their sea salt caramel and oreo milk tea are my stress-relievers. Good thing they’re conveniently located a few blocks away from my school. I can always de-stress whenever I need it! :D 
Recently, their Pabayo branch has undergone a makeover and I’m liking the new look! The wooden panels (which I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of sarreh), the inspirational quotes posted on the walls, frames of photographs that the owner took during their trips  — everything is worthy of the heart-eyed emoji haha :) It can accommodate more customers this time. They also have a variety of desserts available already. 
The inspirational quotes is a cool idea. Their customers are mostly students and we all know how stressful school is. Its nice to come to de-stress in cafe with walls giving you positive energy.

Another cafe that we went to was Mai Crafts Boutique and Cafe. Some of my college friends have already tried it but it was my first time. I’ve passed by this cafe dozens of times but I haven’t really stopped to try it until recently. From the outside, the cafe’s facade reminded me of those in Paris, London, or Italy — the ones that I saw in movies. Once we entered the cafe, we felt like we were inside a Parisian flat or a New York apartment. 

A corner of the cafe reminded me so much of Taylor Swift’s Begin Again music video, that part when she ate a dessert in a cafe and met that guy who photographed her. I wonder if I’ll stay longer there, I’d meet a handsome guy the way TaySwift did hahaha! 
Kidding aside, an upper floor of the cafe has porcelain items, Christmas decorations, vintage trinkets, and jewelry for sale. I love the staircase part. The walls were painted red and vintage items were hanging on the wall. It looked so classy! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. 

As for their food, we ordered their Blueberry Cheesecake, their famous Churros, and their chocolate cake with tablea sauce (this is just a guess because I didn’t pay attention to the first dessert we ordered teehee). Of the three desserts we ordered, I liked the chocolate cake more. The cake was moist and not too sweet. The sauce did all the ~~*sweetening*~~ thing. The prices were also just right for its taste. I’ll definitely come back here for their drinks soon.

There are so many places in Cagayan de Oro that will satisfy your food cravings. When you’re visiting, you should try not to miss any of both the new and old places. I need to not miss trying it out too even when I’m already from here! :) 

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