A Fun Day for GIBI Shoes

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What’s one shoe brand that you have trusted all these years? One brand that immediately comes to my mind is GIBI Shoes
Ever since I was still in high school, I would always ask my mother to buy me a pair of their black leather school shoes. Not only are their designs cute and trendy for young girls, there is also no question about the quality. Every pair of GIBI shoes I had in high school stayed with me for as long as two years. To be honest, most of the cheaper brands I used before lasted for only several months or a year. 
Even now that I am already in college, I have been using a pair of black leather flats and it’s still in really good condition. It doesn’t look bad after using (and abusing it haha) for more than a year already :) 
Aside from the usual school shoes, they also have a variety of high heeled shoes, sandals, and flats for women. The designs are unique and trendy. The price is also just right for its quality. 


Since the brand is doing so well in the island of Mindanao, they have prepared a treat last November 21 for their customers, both old and new, to a “fun day” with their brand ambassadors: Ella Cruz and Jasmine Curtis. 
Before the big event, me and my fellow CDO bloggers had the chance to meet and talk to them over coffee and cake in Kave Cafe inside Limketkai Luxe Hotel. Jasmine arrived first, and it was surreal meeting her. She was so simple and casual. It’s not what I expect when I meet a celebrity. She answered the questions and talked to the bloggers like she was just talking to a friend. 
Ella came several minutes later, and first thing I noticed was her gold sparkly sneaker wedge. What ran through my mind when I saw it was, “My sister is definitely going to love a pair like that.”  It was designed by GIBI Shoes for young girls. Ella was also simple and warm in talking to us. 

It felt surreal meeting and seeing them in person. When I asked a fellow blogger to take a photo of me and them, I felt a bit shy because beside me were gorgeous ladies and I basically looked like their yaya or something haha! 
Anyway, after the simple chit-chat, they proceeded to their mall show where hundreds of their fans waited for them. People were swarming in front of the stage so we opted to go to the back stage and see their performances live from there. Jasmine sang a song by Katy Perry and Ella performed her popular Twerk It Like Miley dance. 

In totality, GIBI’s Fun Day was indeed a real treat to their loyal customers who are big fans of Ella, Jasmine, or both. So many people attended the event and had quite a good time seeing them in person. It was also a cool opportunity for me to have met and seen them up close and in the flesh. Thanks CDO Bloggers and GIBI Shoes for this! 
Cheers to more events, I guess? :D

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