Sunday with the Family at Dahilayan

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines

Okay here’s a confession that I don’t frequently tweet about: I am still on a holiday hangover. Out of all the school breaks I’ve had (since god knows when), Christmas breaks are easily my favorite. There’s some kind of magic going on, you know. People are happier and the vibe is lighter. Plus, twinkling multi-colored fairy lights, and Christmas songs playing on the radio instantly puts me into a positive mood. 
What I like even more about it (aside from the food) is that almost everyone comes home and reunions are happening left and right. Just like that last Sunday of the Christmas break! My family and I spent the day to relax, unwind, and have nothing but pure fun at Dahilayan Forest Park in Barangay Dahilayan, Bukidnon. 
I’ve been to this place twice (yes! Twice!) in my life so far. Last July 2015, my college friends and I had a joint birthday celebration of those who were born in July and August. We were sort-of the only guests during that time. Plus it was raining cats and dogs. Basically it wasn’t a good time to visit the place but we had fun taking photos nevertheless. I knew I had to come back soon and try their rides so during my second visit, my siblings and I took that opportunity. 
When we arrived, we all knew the place was going to be packed with so many people from all walks of life. There were small and big groups of families but we still managed to settle in our own picnic area. For those who haven’t been to the place and are planning to visit soon, entrance fee is 100 pesos. I remember we didn’t pay for our picnic area unlike the first time I visited. 

There are so many things that you and your family can do in the forest park! There is a playground for kids, which my younger siblings enjoyed because they have this hamster wheel made for people haha :) They enjoyed falling down several times and laughing about how silly they looked. I tried it too and I fell a couple of times. There were a lot of people looking so I decided to get off it. Damn I wish I was still a carefree little kid.
Aside from the playground, there’s the tree top adventure that kids (and maybe kids at heart too) can try. They also have the ATV and Buggy TrailBarrel TrainZorb, and Bungee Bounce. My older brother and I really wanted to try the famous longest zip line in Asia but we were pretty sure that a lot of people were lining up for it. So we decided to try the hanging bridge and the forest luge instead. The hanging bridge costs 100 pesos per person and the forest luge costs 800 per person for two rounds. 

My mom and my younger brother were such nervous wrecks while the rest of us were having fun. I took a moment to pause in the middle of the bridge and looked down. My stomach turned a bit when I realized how high we were! I had that familiar feeling when I stood at the edge of a cliff during the cliff dive experience my high school friends had three years ago. 
After going through the long hanging bridge, my younger siblings had their two rounds of riding the luge. At first, they were pretty anxious and excited about it at the same time. We saw them driving real slow and observing how other people were riding it at first. During their second try, they ignored the staff’s reminder to drive slow and raced down the hill. They had so much fun that they wanted to go for another round! 
While we were waiting for them to finish, we took a lot of pictures in this New Zealand-like area (haha!) in the starting point of the luge ride. There were cement figures of sheep, a huge cow, a red tractor, and a small playhouse. It felt like were taking pictures in someone’s back yard who lives in New Zealand or something haha
My older brother and I rode next. Being the adults that we are, we ignored the staff’s reminder again and raced like crazy all the way down the hill. My brother hit my luge twice and I had to drive fast to catch him and hit him back. Kind’a like driving bumper cars ey? 

After a fun day at Dahilayan Forest Park, we capped off the day by filling our stomachs with good food. We drove to Del Monte Clubhouse in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. They are known for their steak, roast beef, and their wide golf course. We tried their roast beef and their clubhouse sandwich. It was good for its price. 
What made the day even more beautiful was the sunset that we witnessed. It was one of those days that would just make you feel so blessed to be alive. *claps* All thanks to The Ultimate Artist.

Indeed, the time spent with people who are important to you is time well spent. Recalling and writing about all the fun we had during the Christmas break made me miss it even more. Anyway, time goes by so fast and before you know it, it might be Christmas season again haha! 
So if you are planning to spend time with your family and you’re planning to come to Cagayan de Oro soon, there are tons of exciting places to visit and activities to do that are several minutes or hours away. CDO is sort-of like the gateway to fun places like Dahilayan, Bukidnon. Head on to the Forest Park and try their adrenaline pumping activities!

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