Five Weird Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes there are things that makes us happy that other people find weird, creepy and sometimes gross. But what the hell right? As long as it puts us into a really good mood then it doesn't matter what other people say. Well... except when the things that make you happy is killing other people or anything similar to that then that's an entirely different thing. 

So here are five weird things that makes me happy:
  1. Trips to the grocery store - There was this one time when my friends were planning to have a chill Friday night and I didn't go with them because my mother sent me a text that she was in the grocery store shopping for next week's supplies. I left my friends and told them lame excuses, hurried to the grocery store and had fun picking out stuff and looking through every aisle. There's something about grocery stores that calms me. It's like they have this weird spell on me that instantly transforms a bad day to a good one. 
  2. Watching slasher movies - Whenever I'm pissed off or angry as hell, I like to blow off some steam by watching slasher movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday The 13th. If these movies still won't shift my mood from serial killer Pearl to sunshine-y The Sound of Music Pearl, I sometimes resort to watching episodes of American Horror Story instead. 
  3. Rubbing the ear of my (plush) Piglet - I have this six year-old plush piglet and it's my sleeping buddy ever since I received it as a gift during our high school class Christmas party six years ago. I like to rub its ear and it instantly puts me into a bullet train to dream land. 
  4. Watching cat and dog videos on YouTube - I know this isn't really that weird but not a lot of people give time to watching videos of adorable cats and dogs. They are an instant pick me-up! I watch more dog videos than those cat ones though. I'm not really a big fan of cats. 
  5. Scrolling through wedding inspiration blogs - There isn't a day that I don't scroll through wedding inspiration blogs such as Bride and Breakfast and Style Me Pretty. No. I'm not getting married soon. It's just that I am sort-of working in the wedding industry now (because I work part-time in a photography company that photographs all the cheesiness and sappiness in weddings 90% of the time) and it's best to be inspired all the time. I also can't help but feel giddy and warm inside while scrolling through those websites. Sometimes I think of how my wedding would look like if ever I get married in the future. It's like I have this Pinterest board in my head. 
These are just only a few of what I can remember now. There's so many weird things I do everyday that puts me into a really good mood. Sometimes I don't have any logical reason except for the fact that doing it makes me happy. 
How about you guys? What are your weird guilty pleasures? I'd like to hear (or technically read) about them! :D

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