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Saturday, June 8, 2013 Initao, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

You know how I've been talking about summer ending so soon without a little kick-off party? Well this is finally it! My high school friends and I were planning for one last get-together before classes start. The first plan wasn't that successful. It's pretty frustrating to plan with ten or twenty people. Sometimes they won't agree to your suggestions and sometimes they get into your nerves and push you to pull yourself away from the situation. But then an unexpected plan B popped up and we all gleefully pitched in.
Fast forward to Friday, the girls and I met up somewhere downtown first while the boys drove the long road to Initao, Misamis Oriental head on. When April, Shaira and Dave came, we were off on the road. It took us about an a hour and a half and drove about 40 kilometers (from Bulua, CDO) to reach Midway White Beach Resort, Initao, Misamis Oriental. To be honest, I've heard a lot of good comments about the resort and I have never really tried going there with anyone until yesterday. It was a good first visit. Pristine beaches, clean and reasonably priced cottages/tents, and they offer a few water activities like jet-skiing, banana boating and beach zip-lining. There was also this another kind of water activity; it's like banana boating but the only difference is that you and your friends will be sitting on an inflated sofa and be pulled by a jet-ski. But I don't think it's that fun than banana boating ~haha! 

ABC boys! (I forgot why they call their group ABC haha)

One of the awesome things to try whilst you're in Initao is the famous cliff diving in Initao National Park. I have been dreaming of the day that I would finally dive from a cliff and it all came true just yesterday! Initao National Park is a few meters away from Midway Beach Resort :)

Ladies and gentlemen, my first death-defying jump! HAHAHA I look like I just jumped off a sinking Titanic! While I was standing on the edge of the cliff, my heart was beating crazy fast and my stomach was tightening. My hands were cold as ice. Half of me was thinking, "Jump bitch! This is what you have always wanted to do!" and the other half was, "Fuck no! Don't do it! This is how you're going to die!". Did I listen to that scared little freak? HAHAHA No siree!
The few seconds while I was free falling, I wanted to grab something, anything that will stop me from falling that's why I looked like well... that ~hahaha. When I finally had my big splash, I was struggling to swim back to the stone stairs to get back on the cliff. I wanted to do it again right away! This is definitely one item off my bucket list!

The water is actually about 12 feet deep. You're never going to land on the sharp rocks underwater.

Then the rest of the gang came to jump in, literally and figuratively ;D

We moved to another cliff dive spot and this time, we were standing atop of a wide cliff. The vast view made it ten times exciting and scary! Yep, that's my first jump in the second cliff. I chickened out a little but Kuya Jay (the tour guide) motivated me to jump.

The life vest that we rented came with a pair of snorkeling gear too. Cliff diving and snorkeling? Not a bad idea!

And for our last big splash, we all jumped in one by one. The last jump I did was crazy scary. At first, I wanted to just back out, climb down the rock stairs and join the others for the photo but Raven kept telling me to just jump the hell off. I spent a minute standing on the edge, hearing my heart beating fast. I actually wished I could rip it off my chest and throw it away. I kept hearing Raven motivating me to jump already then without any further hesitation, I jumped. It felt a bit like what Charlie felt when he stood in the back of the truck, arms spread like wings, while Patrick was driving through the tunnel. I felt infinite ~ chos!

Dave (@labelladamarizada) and I, struggling to get ashore.

Aside from cliff diving, Initao National Park also offers tons of interesting things to explore like the hundred-year old big-ass tree behind us and a few caves.

We then went back to Midway to clean up, pack up our stuff and head back to the city before the angry rain clouds release their wrath upon us.

Edison - Curie Batch 2007 - 2011

What a way to bid adieu to Summer 2013! Road trips, the company of good ol' friends, the glittering sea, the warm kisses from the sun, the big rocks, the adrenaline rush, the deafening genuine laughter, the good food... all these and more add up to one perfect end-of-summer getaway.
'Till next time then! ;)

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