The F3 Concert

Last night was a blast, ladies and gentlemen!
After months and months of preparation, planning, countless moments of frustration and almost sleepless nights of rehearsing, it has all been worth it. F³: The Concert has been a huge success. Even if we have met a few problems along the way, we have endured and conquered all of that. We have developed a better and stronger bond as a batch and in my book, that is one of the most important things. 


I was a part of the documentation team last night and you guys don't know how thankful I am to be a part of the team. I'll take this little space now to express my gratitude towards my batch mates who trusted my capabilities. Seriously you guys, thank you for believing in what I can do even if I doubt and loose faith towards myself most of the time. Despite the amount of stress and pressure that we were all in, we have made it through after all. 
In behalf of my batch, we would like to thank each and everyone who exerted their efforts, performed their part, and extended their support to make the said event possible. Truly, without your trust and belief in our capabilities, we wouldn't have made Ayala Centrio scream, laugh, and sing-along with us. And most importantly, without your efforts and support, we wouldn't have sent our message across which is to rise and fight for food, family and for the future. 
It's not too late to listen to the songs we have showcased last night! Listen to the tracks here.

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