Where To Eat in CDO: Francesca's

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One of the best things about Cagayan de Oro these days is that there are a lot of really good cafes and restaurants sprouting left and right. There's so many new places to chose to dine in depending on your mood or craving. Last Monday, my guy friends and I were supposed to try a new cafe but the weather was dragging us down. Plus, we wanted so much to play Monopoly. So we visited and tried a new restaurant called Francesca's

Francesca's opened up a few months ago but I didn't really had the chance to try out until last Monday. When we first entered the resto, we felt like we were being transported back to the Spanish colonial era. The restaurant is owned by the Neri family. There are so many antique collections and memorabilias displayed in the restaurant owned by the said family. You can learn a thing or two about Cagayan de Oro's history too! The pictures above shows only one area of the place. The other part of the restaurant was closed because there were only a few diners at that time. 
The place is as good as their food too and the prices are a-okay. We ordered clubhouse sandwiches, mango float, halo-halo and pancit (which isn't posted above because Tumblr limits to ten photos per photo post only). I really like how thick their mango float is. Most of the cafes and restaurant I've tried (that sells mango float) doesn't have the same thickness unlike the one in Francesca's. 
The best part about dining here? They actually let us play a sort-of quiet game of Monopoly. Good thing there wasn't a lot of diners that time and we really enjoyed our stay. Plus, a friend of mine was sort-of the resto's acoustic artist for the afternoon. 
If you're planning to visit Cagayan de Oro soon, make sure to add Francesca's in your itinerary! Francesca's is located at Marfori Compound, Cagayan de Oro City. Read more and see more photos of the place here: Francesca's - A Legacy Restaurant

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