Sweet Trip at The Buzz Cafe

There’s one place in Bohol that you can see almost in all the busy areas of the island. It’s The Buzz Cafe by the Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao Island. The farm is one of the many spots we missed to visit because we were running out of time since we had to catch the boat we have to ride going home. I’ve seen several photos and videos about it and it’s surely one of the places I’ll go when I visit again. 

The Isla Life: Seeing Bohol’s Beaches and Night Life

Panglao Island, Philippines

Let me warn you: this post is definitely loaded with tons of photos, and these are already my “chosen ones”. I could have shared a whole lot more but it would take another post to do it. Before you check all of them out, I hope you’ll read this until the end. 

Accessibility, Style, and Comfort — All In Primavera City

When thinking about getting a new home, accessibility to necessary shops and offices is always on my top priorities. I’ve lived in a house that’s an hour away from the city center for probably all my life. It’s always stressful to get out of the house and commute for an hour just to finish requirements in school or do other errands. Sometimes the one-hour commute turns into a one hour and thirty minutes if the traffic is bad. And when that happens, all that’s running in my head is “Grabe, umaga pa lang stress at haggard na ako!” (It’s still morning but I’m already stressed and haggard!)

The Isla Life: Experiencing Bohol’s Countryside

Bohol, Philippines

“Uy, paghuman sa graduation adto ta ug Bohol ha!” (After graduation, we should go to Bohol!)

Everything started with that line several months ago. Back then, there were eight of us who talked and dreamed about escaping to the beautiful island. In the middle of school projects, assignments, and requirements, the dream of graduating and leaving for that 3-days and 2-nights in that island, kept us going. Everyone in the group was all in for a few months, but we got stuck in different circumstances after graduation. Despite it, there were still three of us who were eager to visit, so we went.

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