Adieu To You

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Five days has passed since I reached the end of school. The “graduation high” is gone, and the anxiety for the future is slowly taking over.  
For the first time in my life, I don’t have any school-related work to think about. I don’t have to stress about enrollment, assignments, projects, class schedules, and most importantly — grades. 
Looking back at all those grueling years of preparing myself for the “real world” made me appreciate the stages of growth that I went through. All the times I ranted and cursed whenever I was stuck with a difficult situation before has become funny memories to me now. I can’t help but laugh a little whenever I recall those times I cried about being stressed out; those times when I got worried and nervous about class presentations, thesis defense, and internship assignments; those times when I doubted if all that I was doing then was going to be worth it in the end; and those times when I thought of giving up. I can laugh about it now, but back then it was my reality.  
This entire journey has shaped me into someone different — a good kind of different. From that shy, cry baby way back in kindergarten, I’ve gone through crazy twists and turns to become whoever I am today. And whoever that person is, she’s doing pretty damn well at this whole living thing.
The life after this is definitely a long, terrifying, and yet exciting blank. But before I face all that, let me take this time to express my gratitude:
To my dogs who never failed to help me de-stress — though you guys don't speak, your cuddles and wagging tails say so much. To all the people I've met, became friends for a while, and eventually lost touch. To the friends who became like family. To the old friends who, despite the tight schedules, always made sure that their love is felt. To the teachers I've been under, both the not-so best and the best. To people I haven't personally met, but told me kind and uplifting words. To Bon Iver, Coldplay, Adele, Tyler Knott Gregson, and many more that I couldn't recall at this hour — creative geniuses whose words, music, and art comforted me through all the shitty points in this crazy journey. To my brothers and my sister who are consistently annoying and loving. To my parents who did a hundred times more than their best. To The Creator who made His promise clear ever since (Jer 29:11).
All that I am now is the sum of my experiences with you.
To everyone who believed, 26 letters arranged beautifully into words of gratitude don't suffice. To everyone who doubted, especially myself. May this be a constant reminder that the strength you need is found within.
No "hello real world" because I've been living it all along.


  1. Hi pearl I read you're blogs. You have a good write ups. I like how you share your thoughts and express it through your blogs. Good job! :)
    Magis! :)

  2. Hi Marchelyn!

    Thank you so much. This means a lot <3 Will definitely check out your site too!


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