Sweet Trip at The Buzz Cafe

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

There’s one place in Bohol that you can see almost in all the busy areas of the island. It’s The Buzz Cafe by the Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao Island. The farm is one of the many spots we missed to visit because we were running out of time since we had to catch the boat we have to ride going home. I’ve seen several photos and videos about it and it’s surely one of the places I’ll go when I visit again. 
Fortunately though, you don’t need to go to the farm in Panglao Island to get a taste of their organic food. The Buzz Cafe has several branches. There’s one in Alona Beach, another in Galleria Luisa, and another one in Island City Mall. 

I had my first organic Malunggay ice cream in their branch in Alona Beach, and it was heavenly. I didn’t know that Malunggay would taste that good as an ice cream. One of my friend tried the same and had the same reaction as me. My other friend tried the Pandan ice cream and she loved it too. One scoop cost 50 pesos and it was already more than enough. Their cone isn’t an ordinary waffle cone. I think it’s a wafer made of rice paste (or cassava? not sure) which is quite similar to Kiping. It’s a wafer made of rice paste, drizzled with Latik.

The cafe is quite famous for their organic food and their high quality honey products. Another thing they’re famous for is their quirky tropical inspired interiors. I totally love the combination of these pillows and the wall’s color. 

This is the last (huhuhu) post about me and my friends’ recent trip to the beautiful island of Bohol. Check out my other posts about it hereeeee :) 
EDIT: I took off the breakdown of expenses that I shared here for a different blog post. I decided to add a travel tips tag in my blog so, in a way, I could help you plan your vacations to some of the places I’ve already been :) 

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