Island Hopping and Sunset Watching in Siargao

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 Siargao Island, Philippines

The summer was still long. There was still so many things my friends and I could do. There was still so many places that we could go before the season ends. We all know that after all this, when the tan lines fade and our skins go back to its natural color; when we trade our shorts and bikinis for black pants, crisp white blouses and blazers — several months will have to pass before we get to do this again. So we packed up and went.
The trip didn’t take so much planning. I was wasting time on the internet one night, and I was hit with the the strong urge to pack up and visit Siargao like I have all the money in the world. Twitter was my outlet for this feeling. I posted several tweets asking my followers if any one of them was interested of going with me. I told my friends and waited for anyone of them to bite on the idea. Others were interested but wasn’t too sure. In the end, there were only three of us (all girls, yep) who went.
It took several weeks of saving up. It was also my first time to fund my own long trip. I didn’t ask for a single dime from my folks, which made the “asking permission” part easier. 
The plan was to stay for 4 days and 3 nights but we could only afford a shorter stay. Nevertheless, we did quite a lot and went to most of the island’s popular sites.
From Cagayan de Oro, it took about 12 hours before we reached Siargao Island. We checked in at Patrick’s On The Beach in General Luna for 500 per person per night. It was a dorm-type room with huge beds. There were no other travellers checked in so we basically had the whole room to ourselves
More about Siargao travel tips will be blogged very soon :)

The next island we visited was Daku Island. “Daku” is a Bisaya term for big which suits the island well.  Upon arriving, a 100-peso docking fee for our boat was collected.
There’s lots of vegetation in the place. You can freely climb up a coconut tree, get one coconut, and have it opened by the locals. Or if you prefer the alternative, the locals sell fresh coconut juice (plus the meat ahh...) for 30 pesos. 
The rocky parts of the island where you can cut your feet open if you’re not careful haha

Daku Island has cottages where you can rent for a day or for an overnight stay. You can also bring raw meat or fish and condiments and have the locals cook for you for a fee. 

Last stop of the island hopping tour was the Guyam Island. It was my favorite island of them all. It’s a small one that you can literally walk around in just 10 minutes. The pictures don’t do justice as to how beautiful the place is. It’s even more beautiful when you visit it when the sun is about to set. It’s just freakin’ majestic.

Witnessing the golden sunset in Guyam Island was the perfect way to cap off a long day of travelling. What made our hearts even fuller was seeing the sunset on one side, and seeing the moon rise on the other. I felt small in a really good way again. It was one of those rare moments in life that would make me want to burst with so much happiness. I simply can’t contain it. 
I’m not a super mega ultra religious person, but I do believe that He is responsible for all this beauty. He is indeed one amazing artist. 
Day 2 soon! :)

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