Here's To Fresh Starts

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Of all the things I want to say, I'd just like to start this one with a hello.

So much has changed since I announced on my old Tumblr blog that I'll be moving my cyber home to a new platform. I was supposed to relaunch three weeks after the announcement, but tons of other responsibilities got in the way as per usual.

During those weeks, I thought about not going back to blogging anymore. Mainly because I thought I will never have time for it. But just when I thought I'd start my adult life right away, I got stuck in a limbo for several months after graduation. I didn't join job hunts. I didn't even get out of the house to request for my TOR and diploma until last June. 

Instead of job applications, I was busy with planning trips, packing up, and going away for a few days. The money I earned from my part-time job was supposed to be spent for getting requirements (police clearances, school documents, etc) but I blew them all away to experience new places. Don't get me wrong, I loved every single minute of it. But after the trips ended and when I'm finally home, I get that really weird feeling of being still. 

While everyone else I know was busy moving on with their lives, getting jobs, and earning their first pay, I was at home watching and re-watching every episode of Parks and Recreation. While they were focused on their tasks at work, I was focused on April and Andy's relationship (it took me several weeks to get over their relationship fyi but that's not important lol). 

So I started trying my luck by applying for job vacancies in companies I found through the popular Jobstreet. Sometimes I visit some companies Facebook page and websites just to check if they had job openings. I've gone to only one interview. I've received some rejection emails and accomplished several exams but apparently none of those succeeded. 

Right now, I still don't have a physical office that I need to go every day, but fortunately, I have a legit (although unconventional) job and a part-time one in a wedding photography company. Okay, just to get this off the table, when I said "unconventional" it's not what some of you might think. My job is unconventional because it's not exactly what my parents (and anyone who is in their similar age bracket) thought I would end up doing. I mean, they know that I'd be writing for a living but this job is so much more than that. Anyway, my tasks have kept me busy and it made me forget about my blog for a while.

Yesterday, I logged into my Tumblr and read through some of the posts that weren't taken down yet. It made me realize just how much I loved writing each and every one. I couldn't possibly stop myself from sharing my thoughts, experiences, and ideas to people in the ~interwebszxs~

So....yep, here I am, back at blogging again. I actually just bought my domain a while ago so everything's pretty fresh. I'd appreciate it if you guys would message me about glitches in some parts of my site. Getting a domain is quite a big deal for me because I've been wanting one ever since. I just didn't have the luxury of time to learn about it and well, of course pay for it until now. So YAAAAY! Lol

I'm so excited to share many more stories here. If you guys want instant updates (or stuff that are still-to-be publish soon here), follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page :)


  1. Congrats for your relaunch and for having your own domain, Pearl. I'm a follower of yours in Tumblr, just so you know. Hehe. :)

    1. Thank you so much Mariz! I hope you continue to follow my adventures (and misadventures) here haha :D

  2. Congratulations on your move, Pearl! I don't know if you remember me but I used to be in Tumblr, also :) Looking forward for your future posts! Love your theme, btw ;)

    1. Hi Renee! Yes I remember! Thank you so much for visiting my new cyber home <3 Will visit yours regularly too :D

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! I'm really happy reading posts like these on fellow bloggers deciding to level it up and buying a domain is a very great achievement! I remember the first time I bought my own dot com! I was giddy to start my new blog! :D

    xx, Wandering Ella

  4. Your tumblr blog is one of my favorites but I also moved to blogspot so I wasn't able to keep up. Congrats on your move, Pearl! :)


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