5 Places I Wish I Could Teleport To

Getting the urge to pack up your bags and book a ticket to anywhere but not being able to do that because of responsibilities you need to attend to (and not to mention funds you need to check lol) is probably one of the most frustrating feelings in the world. Plus, preparing for a trip isn't as easy as pinpointing a place on a world map, blindfolded. Not when you've got tons of things to consider like money, visas, and hotel bookings. 

Turning 22 In The Cold City of Baguio

Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Jackets on, backpacks ready.

After spending most of the day touring around Intramuros and the National Museum (plus getting some well deserved nap), we headed to the Cubao bus station, got our bus tickets (that we purchased online days before the trip) and rode a super comfy bus. There were four of us now. The new day was already starting when the bus finally left the terminal and started the long journey to the summer capital of the Philippines.

It was my first time to celebrate my birthday away from home and exploring a place I've never been to. Saying that it was one of my most unforgettable moments in life is not enough.

Weekly Favorites # 1

Before diving right on to talking about my favorites this week, let me just congratulate myself for surviving such a crazy week. All that has kept me going is the thought that I'm a day closer to my next vacation (can September come reeeeeallyyy fast now?). I can literally hear the sound of waves crashing and feel the cold sea breeze right now. *sigh*  Steady, my heart.

Arts and Culture In A Day: Walking Around The National Museum

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

After wandering the cobble stone streets of the old district of Manila  Intramuros, my friends and I went straight to the National Museum of The Philippines. Out of all the places that day, visiting the museum was the one I was most excited about. The place wasn't in our original itinerary. We were supposed to go on a hiking adventure in Masungi Georeserve but that plan got cancelled. I was beyond thankful when we decided to insert the place in our new itinerary.

The Sunday Currently # 1

One of the things I regularly published back in Tumblr was a series of Sidda Thornton's The Sunday Currently. The blog series was a good way to let my readers know more about myself and vice versa. Aside from that, the series was also a way of keeping myself updated with some of my blog friends' current obsessions or mind-boggling thoughts. Most of the people I interacted with before also published their own versions and it was nice to go read through all of it

Arts and Culture In A Day: Walking Around Intramuros

Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

The much-anticipated backpacking trip has finally happened. 

Last Friday, two of my high school friends and I flew the first flight bound for Manila to start backpacking around the metro, in Baguio, and in La Union. We've braced ourselves (and our wallets) for that weekend since last year. After we booked the promo flight, we all knew that preparing for it wasn't going to be easy (I took several stressful freelance jobs for Pete's sake!) but it will be so damn worth it.

Five Takeaways From Andy and April's Relationship (Parks and Recreation)

Fictional love stories are, I think, one of the many things that a lot of people obsess over. Mainly because these are things that we wish it would happen at least once in our lifetime. Though some people would say they hate cliche "boy meets girl" love stories, deep down there's a teeny tiny part of themselves who wishes that they'd meet their soulmate while reading a book alone in a cozy corner of a coffee shop.

A little warning: there are tons of spoilers in this post but I don't think these are the kind that would bum anyone out. So read on if you want :)

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