The Sunday Currently # 1

Sunday, August 14, 2016

One of the things I regularly published back in Tumblr was a series of Sidda Thornton's The Sunday Currently. The blog series was a good way to let my readers know more about myself and vice versa. Aside from that, the series was also a way of keeping myself updated with some of my blog friends' current obsessions or mind-boggling thoughts. Most of the people I interacted with before also published their own versions and it was nice to go read through all of it

Now that I'm starting a new chapter in my blogging journey in this new platform, I still think publishing posts for the series is still a good idea. Here are some of the stuff I'm currently up to:

READING - Stephen King's 11/22/63.

I started reading the book a few months ago but due to a lot of other stuff I needed to focus on, I set it aside for a while. I'm definitely going to finish it unlike what I did to David Nicholls' One Day. I got tired of reading it and resorted to watching the movie instead haha.

11/22/63 has a TV series adaptation with James Franco playing the lead role (heart eyessss!) and I'm so tempted to watch it instead of finishing the book. Good thing it stopped at only eight episodes for its first season. I don't think the producers will make a season 2 though. So now I have more reasons to read :)

WRITING - drafts of the blog entries about the backpacking weekend.

There's just so many things I want to share about me and my friends' experiences last weekend. From witnessing the sunrise at the beautiful Mines View Park to surviving a gruelling 8-hour ride back to Manila from La Union  I want to talk about all these things because doing so would help me etch all the memories into my brain. Oh and also so I can have something to read back on in the future.

LISTENING - to modern tracks with a twist of nostalgia c/o Czech Vibes Sound and Flamingosis.

Ever since I stitched the Bohol and Siargao clips I filmed last summer into one full video, I've been obsessed with that kind of music. It's so refreshing to hear modern tracks that have doses of nostalgic songs in them. I don't know what else I can say to describe it. You guys better try listening to it :)

THINKING - about hosting a travel-themed giveaway!

Yep. I've been contemplating about this since last summer and I think I'll finally make it happen this December. It'll probably cost me an arm and leg, but you guys deserve the treat since you've been so cool and kind to me ever since my Tumblr days. I'm not sure if some of you are the same peeps who followed me on Tumblr but nevertheless, I'm still going to give away some good stuff ;)

Keep checking back this blog and my other social media accounts for updates! 

WISHING - I could just snap my fingers and Vivre - The Lifestyle Blog will finally be up and running!

Vivre is a lifestyle blog that me and my friend, Alve, who is also a creative genius, have been working on since July. We're still on the developing stage of the site and it hasn't been easy breezy. With our tight schedules and other responsibilities at work and at home, establishing the site definitely doesn't come first in our priorities.

It's an exciting project and we both can't wait to finally launch it. I wish there was an instant way haha. But then it wouldn't be worth it. 


It's a Netflix original TV series set in the 80's. Each episode is really freaky and I love every bit of it. Okay so I can't talk more about it without giving away spoilers which in this case is totally uncool. Watch it yoursef guys so you'll know what the hype is all about :D 

WANTING - more Keds sneakers lol

This is totally random! It's the first thing that popped in my head when I thought about what I'm currently lusting for. I recently bought a pair of Keds sneakers from their Garden Party collection and now I can't seem to stop thinking about wanting more. I've been a Keds fan since their Taylor Swift and Kate Spade collection came out.

Their sneakers are classic, simple, and very feminine. Plus, I love their campaign which is "Ladies First"

NEEDING - a new camera.

My Nikon DSLR is still working a-okay, but right now it deserves all the TLC it needs. I've been using it since I was 18 (and now I'm 22) so it's been of service for five years already. It's starting to show symptoms of being "old". It doesn't autofocus easily unlike before.

I'll still use it for photo projects and maybe some of my travels. But it would be so much better to have a Sony A600 in my life (or a Fuji XT-10 lol) haha!

FEELING - weird about my age. I'm pretty sure I'm still 18 haha! 

What about you guys? What are you currently up to?


  1. I so love reading Sunday Currently entries, I might add this series on my blog soon. Sony a6000 is a great deal, some of my friends are using it but there's still no better way than using the same brand you're used to :) By the way Pearl, I'm so happy you've finally settled on a new platform. I've been away from blogging for a month and I guess this is the first comment I've ever made since the day you launched your new space.

    Lou |

    1. Hi Lou! I agree! The Sony a600 is sooo nice. I can't stop lusting for it haha Thank you so much, Lou! I hope I could meet you in person soon. Sinulog 2017 perhaps? :D


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