The Sunday Currently # 2

It's Sunday once again, and I believe I haven't posted a Sunday Currently entry since last month. I don't know what are the exact rules of this blog series (should I post one every week or every month? or every time I'm running out of new things to blog about?), but anyway, here I am publishing a new one.

One Day in The Surfing Capital of The North (La Union)

San Juan, La Union, Philippines

The last leg of our backpacking weekend was San Juan, La Union. From Baguio city, it took us probably more than an hour to reach the town of San Fernando where we chartered a motorized tricycle to take us to the resort we stayed in. The tricycle ride probably took around 30 minutes. 

My friends and I stayed at Isla Bonita Beach Resort in San Juan. The whole place has Mediterranean charm all over! I especially liked the brick walls we had in our room. We spent one night there and had dinner in their restaurant. I remember clearly how amazing their food was. I think not one of our order disappointed us. We loved their crispy pata and sinigang. Clearly, Ilocanos know their way around the kitchen and are  definitely culinary gods!

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