One Day in The Surfing Capital of The North (La Union)

Sunday, September 4, 2016 San Juan, La Union, Philippines

The last leg of our backpacking weekend was San Juan, La Union. From Baguio city, it took us probably more than an hour to reach the town of San Fernando where we chartered a motorized tricycle to take us to the resort we stayed in. The tricycle ride probably took around 30 minutes. 

My friends and I stayed at Isla Bonita Beach Resort in San Juan. The whole place has Mediterranean charm all over! I especially liked the brick walls we had in our room. We spent one night there and had dinner in their restaurant. I remember clearly how amazing their food was. I think not one of our order disappointed us. We loved their crispy pata and sinigang. Clearly, Ilocanos know their way around the kitchen and are  definitely culinary gods!

The next day, we went to Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan to check out the surfing lessons offered by San Juan Surf Resort. My friend availed of the surfing lessons and it cost her 200 pesos for an hour. I thought it costs around 300 to 400 pesos but turns out it was way cheaper. 

Should've bought my brother stickers here lol

After spending the day in the surf resort, we went back to our resort and packed up all our stuff. As much as we want to visit more quirky shops in the area such as El Union and Surf Shack we had to go back to the city that afternoon. Maybe during the next visit? Who knows? :)

We had lunch at Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach and Hotel and the place truly reflects its name. It reminded me of those movies shot in Hawaii where everything was colorful and everyone was super chill. Plus, they had Acai bowls! Something I've been dying to try since I saw a vlog about it haha :)

San Juan is also known as the Surfing Capital of The North. In all honesty, the place didn't wow me unlike Siargao did. Siargao Island's one of the popular surfing spots in the southern part of the Philippines and it was, as if I've said before, majestic. I don't know if it was our timing (because it was gloomy and it even rained when we visited San Juan) or something. Nevertheless, we had fun and loved the chill vibe. 


In totality, the backpacking weekend is definitely one for the books. I've experienced so many things for the first time and they were all awesome. Deciding to spent that weekend in the north last year is probably one of the coolest decisions that my friends and I made. 

Anyway, what about you guys? Have you been to the Surfing Capital of The North? What cool experiences did you have? Sound off on the comments section below! :)

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  1. My friends and I actually visited La Union last July and it was an awesome experience. We had tons of fun exploring San Juan and learning how to surf! It was a memorable trip most especially because it was our first barkada trip. Love your photos, and that Acai Bowl is so yummy to look at! I just wished we were able to visit Flotsam and Jetsam back then but the guard was so rude so we didn't come back. Hehe, great post Pearl! xx


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