All-Time Favorite Style Inspirations

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Back when I was in high school, I had no idea about what kind of look I was going for every time I dress up to go out of the house. For me, it was always comfort over style. Gimme a cool shirt, a pair of denim jeans and sneakers, and I'm all good. In fact, I wore just that (plus a gray hoodie) during my second year Christmas party. "What the hell?" right? I'll spare you from all the horror by not adding a photo of it here.

What's in My Bag: The Out-of-College Edition

How long has it been? My fingers can't even count the days that has passed by that I didn't do an update for my blog series, especially the What's In My Bag? one. The last time I posted something under this category was ages ago in my old Tumblr blog. It was full of all the things I needed to survive each day in school. It would've been cool to have that post here and see how my bag contents has evolved throughout the years. Unfortunately,  I couldn't find the original post anymore. Anyway, let's get started with this "out of college" edition of this blog series :)

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