La Castilla Musuem: A Walk Back in Time

If there’s one period in time that I can go back to, one of those periods would probably be the 70s. I can picture it all in my head: waking up on a Sunday morning, wearing my best dress, listening to Bee Gees’ songs in legit vinyl record and turntable while sipping coffee in a music room. This is what I thought about when me and a few of my college friends went to La Castila Museum last Friday. 

Sunday with the Family at Dahilayan

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines
Okay here’s a confession that I don’t frequently tweet about: I am still on a holiday hangover. Out of all the school breaks I’ve had (since god knows when), Christmas breaks are easily my favorite. There’s some kind of magic going on, you know. People are happier and the vibe is lighter. Plus, twinkling multi-colored fairy lights, and Christmas songs playing on the radio instantly puts me into a positive mood. 

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