Going Analog

Lol at that awkward hand
While going through my photo blog, I realized that I haven’t been shooting a lot of portraits or places these past few weeks, mainly because I’ve been too busy with work and side projects. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job and all the cool things that come with it (like a paid 2-week vacation uh-huh), but I really, seriously, and deeply miss taking photos just for the heck of it. 

Isla de Gigantes: Travel Lessons From Paradise

In my first post about Isla de Gigantes, I shared that my obsession with the island started last year. The need to visit the place at least once in my life was so strong that I couldn't stop myself from doing intensive research. It was a challenge to plan and create the itinerary. For one, there aren't a lot of people who have written about their experiences or travel tips they picked up when they visited the islands. But experiencing what the island has to offer made all the challenges seem nothing.

Why Death Is The Least Thing That Scares Me

Totally unrelated photo but whatever
Back when I was in my fourth year in college, my Philosophy teacher once said, "Ask your parents or anyone you know about death. There's a 95% chance that they'd quickly change the subject and literally knock on wood. Or worse they'd say "Should we be worried? Is there something you're not telling us" Try it. Try it when you get home tonight. Ask them." Well, it's not his exact words, but you guys get what I'm talking about. That discussion is probably one of the few classes that I'll never forget.

This Is How I'll Remember You

Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Philippines
There are only a few places that are scored on my heart. One looks a bit like a tear drop and the other is barely even seen on a map. I know I haven't been to a lot of places yet, and there might be others whose beauty will surpass yours. But that time is still to come. I will write about what I know now. 

This is how you made me feel and this is how I'll remember you.

Mesmerized in Gigantes Norte

Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Philippines

2016. It was the year when I started reading a lot of stories and saw countless pictures of this group of remote islands in the northern part of Iloilo called Isla de Gigantes or Island of Giants. Most of the blog posts I read have the words "mesmerizing," "majestic," and "beautiful." in them. And that made me curious. How beautiful is it? How mesmerizing is it? How majestic is it, really? When my friends and I visited last February, I finally understood. 

Baguio In 12 Hours

A few weeks ago, two people sent me a message on Facebook asking for details about how my high school friends and I were able to visit Baguio City last year. It reminded me of the blog post that was buried in my drafts for months. For months! Jeez. This is probably an indication of how bad of a blogger I have become.

Anyway, my friends and I didn't spend a day in Baguio. In fact, we wandered around for about 12 hours. So if you're thinking about going to the Summer Capital of The Philippines for a day trip soon, this guide might help with your research and travel planning.

Music For When You Wander

The start of every new year makes me feel a familiar kind of high. I'm overwhelmed with hope and excitement for all the experiences I'm going to have, regardless if it's good or bad. This is the same kind of good feeling that I get whenever I plan and go out on a trip. 

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