This Is How I'll Remember You

Friday, March 10, 2017 Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Philippines

There are only a few places that are scored on my heart. One looks a bit like a tear drop and the other is barely even seen on a map. I know I haven't been to a lot of places yet, and there might be others whose beauty will surpass yours. But that time is still to come. I will write about what I know now. 

This is how you made me feel and this is how I'll remember you.

I've seen what you look like in other people's photographs as viewed on a 14-inch screen. I've read what they said about you too. They said that you are beautiful, mesmerizing, and majestic. They said that the time they spent with you was never wasted. Darling, you made me curious.

The chances of meeting you was often missed and there were a lot of different reasons. I like to think that it was the universe's way of telling me that it isn't the right time yet. I only needed one chance and when that came, I didn't think twice. I had to meet you. I had to get to know you even for a short while.

People were right and wrong about you. They were right when they said spending time with you was never wasted. They were wrong when they said you are beautiful, mesmerizing, and majestic. Those words don't suffice. I don't even have the right words. You are simply indescribable.

Every part of you is well-orchestrated. The waves always sway and rush to the shore oh-so beautifully. The sun shines on your turquoise blue waters and never fail to make it look like a thousand diamonds from afar. The coconut trees sway with the wind, dancing to some tune they only know. 

Your ragged edges, white sand, wild flowers, not-so secret lagoons — everything is pieced together, making up a magnificent whole. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't dreaming. I was living the dream. How incredible is it that the One who made you is the One who made me too? 

Darling, I will never forget the warmth, both from the sun that shines all its glory on you and from the people who call you home. I will not lose the memory of seeing little children play with your sand; motorcycle drivers trying their best to speak in Filipino so they can tell stories about you; and people from different races and culture coming together with drinks and music just to celebrate you.

I will remember you in every sunset I witness. I will remember you every time I hear waves crashing on the shore. I will remember you in every scallop shell I see *hehehe. And when life seems unbearable, I will remember how you made me feel.     


  1. "How incredible is it that the One who made you is the One who made me too?" Love how you write this post - makes me feel in love with those photos. ❤

  2. Aww. This post is so touching. :"> The way you described how you felt towards the place is inspiring. This is by far my favorite post of yours. Keep them coming Pearl! :)

    Angelica|The PolyHobbyist

  3. I love how this was soooo beautifully-written. And the photos!!! 💙

    xx, The Diary Queen

  4. You are one romantic dreamer, very enviable!


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