Defying Gravity at The Upside Down Museum

Saturday, July 29, 2017

When you were a kid, did you ever have those moments when you wished you had a super power? Well, I have and I blame it all on X-Men movies. I used to watch the first three movies as a kid and wished I had the ability to control objects with my mind like Jean Grey. Unfortunately, I'm not born as a mutant. But it's so cool that there are places like The Upside Down Museum where you can pretend that you have the power to defy gravity. That's why during my trip to Manila last June, my high school friend and I made sure to visit the place.

It's actually my first time to go to places like this. I noticed that there are several interactive 3D museums popping up on my Facebook news feed since like three or four years ago. There are even some inside malls but I haven't visited any of that until last June.

Going to the museum was quite a challenge. We rode a Grab Car from Taguig to Pasay, entrusting all the directions to Google Maps. Turns out, the location that we booked through the Grab app was an incorrect geotag. We didn't know that it was located inside the Star City "compound". Luckily, our driver was super patient with us especially when he knew that we were tourists.

The ticket price is 450 per person and I think that's pretty reasonable because there are a lot of exhibits that you'll enjoy. Plus, there are no time limits so you can go back to exhibits you like and take photos as much as you want. Their staff is super friendly too. They took group photos of us first in every exhibit and then told us that we can go back to previous exhibits to take solo photos of each other.

One thing I really like about this place is their upside down home exhibit. We had so much fun playing with our poses. It made me think about how angle is super important in pictures haha! The office was probably the coolest for me because I was amazed at how they stuck a real laptop upside down on the table. Okay, maybe they used some tough glue but still, it was awesome. 

Their upside down exhibits aren't the only ones you can play with. They also have other fun illusions like this one:

I'm so glad that my first time to visit interactive 3D museums was spent in this place. I definitely recommend the Upside Down Museum to everyone. It's a great place to spend a weekend or simply an afternoon with your barkadas or family. Yes, take your grandpas and grandmas too. It would be so fun to see how they get creative with their poses! Just leave all your "KJ-ness" out the door and have nothing but pure, childlike fun 😉


  1. That looks like so much fun!


  2. I wanted to go kasi I'm curious how you did the shots! Di ko kasi maimagine! haha! And siguro inggit na rin me. :)

  3. I didn't know a place like this existed in Manila. I mean, I was aware of the other trick museums, but not this one. Looks interesting!

    Teesh ♥ Adventures of Cupcake Girl


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