Singapore Day 3: Sentosa Island And Gardens By The Bay

Saturday, December 2, 2017 Sentosa, Singapore

No trip to Singapore is complete without allotting a day for touring around Sentosa Island. Well, at least that's true for me and my friend. So for our third day in the country, we made sure to head to the island early. With our MRT map ready, we took the train and switched several stations before we reached VivoCity. We bought our attraction tickets and swiped our MRT card for the train ride going to the island [more details on how to get to Sentosa and other tips will be published in a separate blog post]. Several minutes later, we reached the entrance and the walking began.

At first, we thought of going inside Universal Studios Singapore, but unfortunately, our budget for the day wasn't enough for it. So we bought tickets for Madame Tussauds instead. Good thing there was a really good deal available: one pass for Madame Tussauds + a pass for any ride that has two gold coins (more details here). I think we paid around 42 SGD each for it, which wasn't so bad. Also, I really wanted to visit a Madame Tussauds museum since god knows how long. I was beyond ecstatic that I was finally able to tick it off my bucket list!

This is a quote by the wife of the Chinese Prime Minister pictured below. I thought this was such a powerful quote.

I finally had breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey and had a photo with Leo, my love too! Haha

Madame Tussauds was freakin' fun! I thought we were going to go to the part where they display the wax figures of celebrities right away, but we first had to enjoy an interactive re-telling of Singapore's history. Pictures weren't allowed so I wasn't able to document the entire thing, which was nice because you have to be totally present to enjoy it anyway. 

There were live actors who guided us and tons of interactive exhibits that made the entire experience not only educational but fun too! It's a 45-minute activity and at the end of it, all guests will have to ride this boat that will go around all of Singapore's iconic structures, different cultures of the people, and so much more. Just when I thought my mind has already been blown away by everything I've experienced in that country for the past days, I was proved wrong again by their rich history. That activity instantly became my favorite. Taking photos with wax celebrities came second haha!

After Madame Tussauds and riding the luge, we went to Palawan Beach and the Southernmost Tip of Continental Asia because we thought the names were very interesting. I'm not sure if there are other places named "Palawan" but if there's none, I'm guessing when Singaporeans named this beach, they took inspiration of the Palawan Island we have in the Philippines. Correct me if I'm wrong! This is just my wild guess 😅

It was nice seeing people, both young and old, enjoy the day on the beach. I wasn't able to bring my swimsuit so I didn't take a dip and test out their waters, but my friend did. He said it was cool that he was able to swim in a Singaporean beach haha. 

The Southernmost Tip of Continental Asia is an islet and is connected to Palawan Beach through a suspension bridge. I just learned now, after checking the Sentosa website, that it's "Asia's closest point to the equator". Coolio!

This shot coudl've been better if I had a wide lens, but I only had a 35mm prime with me.

Sentosa was a lot of fun but when our time to head back to the city came, instead of heading to Chinatown to buy souvenirs right away, we went to Gardens By The Bay first. We weren't able to visit it during our first day so we decided to go on our last full day.

During our visit, I've literally lost count of the times I've been shaken to the core by how amazing Singapore is. Supertrees? It's a freakin' marvel of architecture. Never in a million years would I have thought of that kind of design or idea, but they did and they made it possible. 

Singapore's tagline, "Passion Made Possible" is so on point. Whatever you're passionate about, they have a place for you. Arts? Literature? Science? For sure, there's a thriving industry for you there. I hate to admit (but I'll say it anyway), based on what I've observed during the days I've spent there, I feel jealous about how their government gives so much value on their people's passions. I hope my home country takes inspiration from them. 

We ended the day by going on a quick souvenir shopping in Chinatown. It was nicer to go that time because the sun was going down and the shops' neon signs were lit up. We also even got to witness a taping of (I'm guessing) a local show! It was cool to be part of the people walking in the background haha.


In sum, this trip to The Lion City is more than I've ever pictured in my mind. Indeed, seeing and reading about the place on a screen is different than actually experiencing it in person. As I've said, I've lost count of the many times I was amazed at almost everything. From their MRT system, well-disciplined citizens, and motorists, superhighways, clean roads, and architecture, to their diverse culture and rich history  experiencing and knowing all these things totally knocked my socks off. 

Singapore is very modern but they also make sure to give way to tradition. The people and culture are so diverse (there are Chinese, Malays, and Indians) and yet everyone's coexisting harmoniously. Honestly, I've never been to a city that has made me say "Wow" countless of times. I swear, I sounded like a broken record.

This ends the slew of posts about my time in Singapore. Next up, Malacca, Malaysia ! It's probably my second favorite city after Singapore and you'll know why soon! 😉


  1. Cool pictures! Never knew that you can visit more interesting places in Sentosa Island other than Universal Studios. Will be sure to check it out if ever i'll be in Singapore. :)

    Sheena |

  2. Grabe you're saying your shots could have been better, but your photos are already super nice. Can't wait for all your future travels and the amazing photos you will take, Pearl! :)

    Teesh ♥ Adventures of Cupcake Girl



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