Hello! I'm Pearl Aton. The Wandering Dreamer is my cyber home. I'm a digital nomad and wide-eyed wanderer born and raised in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. I'm a graduate of BS in Development Communication major in Journalism, but I'm not pursuing a career related to my course (yet). I co-founded another lifestyle website called Vivre, but it's more of a community site, not a personal one. 

Although I can survive weeks without going out of the house, I know I'm not meant to stay in one place. My dream destinations are Thailand, Italy, and South Africa. For local destinations, I hope to visit Palawan, Batanes, and Sagada one day. I hope to visit as many places as I can in this lifetime. One day, when I have had enough with wandering around the globe, I can see myself lying on a hammock by the beach in my own bed and breakfast.

I often like songs that are on the latest top "trending" list, but my love for music from the late 90's and early 2000s will always win me over. As for TV shows, my favorites include How to Get Away with Murder, Parks and Recreation, Gossip Girl, and Nikita. When I like a fandom, it would usually take weeks (or months max) for me to get over it. Don't even begin to ask me what my favorite movies are.

If I will be reborn in a different time and life, I will take math and physics oh-so-seriously and become an astronaut, or maybe I could be a photographer for National Geographic, or a koala keeper in Australia —  whichever happens first.  See my bucket list here: Yaaaaay!

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