About pearl

Hey! I'm Pearl and I'm a freelance creative from the Philippines. Although I'm a full-time Creative Director for a US-based company, I handle different social media, photography and writing projects too. I co-founded another lifestyle website called Vivre.

Since my career is location-independent, I get to travel to different places in the country and in Asia (for now). And I write all about my adventures in this blog. I hope I can visit as many places as I can in this lifetime

I take inspiration from photos and videos shot on film, movies from the 90's and the 2000's and books by Alain de Botton.

all about photography

I like to describe my photography style as natural. I try to keep mine as bright and natural as possible.

My current obsession is shooting in film. I use a Fujica Auto-7 and a Canonet QL19 GIII — both cameras had been with me throughout some of my travels. Check out my gallery here!