Where to Eat in CDO: Bowties & Butter

Bowties & Butter Cagayan de Oro

Here’s a confession: I am a huge fan of french toasts, cakes, cupcakes, brownies – basically anything sweet. Okay it isn’t really a confession~teehee. My sugar obsession is apparent on the food posts I have published. Cafes and tea shops – where most of these sweet things are being sold – are usually the star of my food posts. I have lost count on the number of shops I have tried, but who’s counting? I don’t mind if my “shops-to-go-to-when-you’re-craving-for-sweets” list is growing!

Bowties & Butter Cagayan de Oro

Bowties and Butter is one of the shops in that list. I messaged them a month ago asking if it’s okay if I feature them in my blog. I wanted to give them a space here since I loved their food and their theme. Polka dots, white picket fences, flowers, pastel colors – who would want to pass up featuring this place? The whimsical and girly vibe makes me feel like a carefree 6-year old girl again. It’s another hang-out destination for anyone who loves cute and sweet things.

The shop opened last March 2012. It was called Little Miss Funnel Cake then because of their famous funnel cakes. When the owners added different items on their menu, they decided it was time to give it a new name. From then on Little Miss Funnel Cake is called as Bowties and Butter. Crisha, the marketing manager, shared that the name came out of the blue. They just wanted something that will not let people think they only serve funnel cakes. To be honest, Bowties and Butter has a nice ring to it. Whenever I think of french toasts and funnel cakes, Bowties and Butter pops up in my head.

Bowties & Butter Cagayan de Oro

My friends and I used to hang out in Little Miss Funnel Cake during our free time back then. We loved their funnel cakes! It was a different experience. Seeing how the cakes were made and enjoying the different toppings were something that we enjoyed doing. Since school started to demand so much of our time, we don’t get to hang out in the place like we used to anymore. But now that most of my girl friends are now free from school, we’ll have time to catch up and hang out in the place again. Especially now that they’re serving delectable french toasts!

The Maple and Cinnamon French Toast pictured above is as good as it looks. I love the thickness of the toast and the burnt marshmallows. Plus, the bread isn’t soggy unlike the ones I used to cook at home hehe. The Mango & Graham Funnel Cake became one of my favorites that afternoon. I’m also a sucker for ripe mangoes so the dish totally won my heart. The funnel cake topped with slices of mango and vanilla ice cream tickled my tongue. Photographing and eating them was such a delight! 

In totality, Bowties and Butter is definitely a place that every sweet-tooth out there should visit. It’s best to dine during the late afternoons or the early evening so you won’t have to worry about having a melted ice cream on top of your funnel cake. If you’re looking for someone to tag along, I’m just one Tumblr message away haha!

To satisfy your sugar craving, they are located at Don A. Velez corner J. Gaerlan Streets, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines