Cagayan de Oro Through My Lens

Cagayan de Oro

Last night, I started to do some "spring cleaning" on my laptop's hard drive. It's been a while since the last time I did it and I needed a huge amount of space for more files. I went through my old folders and unearthed some photos I took of my city, Cagayan de Oro

Here's one not-so-funny thing that happened to me when I was still blogging on Tumblr: I was invited by a follower turned friend (thanks to the internet), to finally meet up and hang out. The funny thing is, she thought I was living in Manila. When I told her that I'm from Cagayan de Oro, she was like, "Oh you're from CDO pala? Let's hang out nalang whenever you're in the city." I'm not sure what made her assume that I was from somewhere other than Cagayan de Oro. Maybe because I don't post much about my city.

I'd like to somehow make up for all the blog posts about CDO that I failed to publish by sharing (or re-sharing - if some of you guys have seen these before) some photos and the stories along with them.


Cagayan de Oro
Cagayan de Oro

Back when I was in my third year in college, one of the required classes in my course was photography. My classmates and I went on a lot of field assignments. We went to local markets, attended events, and did a photo walk around major areas in the city. The class definitely tested my stamina. Covering a marathon at 3 in the morning and covering a parade under the 9 AM heat is no joke. The class also helped me sharpen my eye and my photography skills.

Going to a local market and taking pictures of people was one of the scariest field assignment I've ever done. The first photo above was taken in Bulua Market. Although it was less scary because the place wasn't so busy (and my classmates and I had our teacher along with us), approaching my subjects and asking if I could photograph them was nervewracking.

The second photo is definitely one of the most challenging ones I took. We went to the city's busiest market one Sunday to complete a photo assignment. It was freakin' hard to think of an angle and to actually take a decent photo with all the distraction all around us. Vendors were talking in loud voices. Customers were coming in and out, passing in front of my camera and messing up my shot. Aside from looking out for a good subject, we had to look out for snatchers too haha. It was such a stressful day, but I got some good shots anyway so all was well *wink*


Kagay-an Fiesta
Miss Kagay-an

Since my photography class required me and my classmates to attend events, the city fiesta was sort of the highlight of the class. Our attendance was mandatory in almost all of the events. The indoor events such as the Miss CDO Coronation Night were easily my favorites. But the outdoor events... damn those were tough. We had to cover three parades (two in the streets and one was a fluvial parade) and a fun run. Running in the streets from 8 AM to 12 high noon required a lot of patience and bottles of water. Nevertheless, the experience is something I'll probably have a hard time forgetting.


Cagayan de Oro
Cagayan de Oro

These photos were taken last March 2014 when my family and I went on a little "staycation" at a resort. The resort is located near the industrial area of the city so several ships and machinery from various factories can be seen. The beach is also not ~very pretty~. Good thing the resort has their own clean pool.

I woke up super early that morning and went out to check out the beach. The sun was still rising and it gave such a heavenly glow to the sea. So I took my camera out and took photos of the boatmen and the couple who was walking on the beach. I have a photo of a kid playing with his dog on the beach too but unfortunately, I can't find that file on in my hard drive anymore. Anyway, that morning reminded me to appreciate the little things.


Going through my hard drive has tons of perks. Aside from remembering good memories from all the photos I've unearthed, it also reminded that my city is absolutely freakin' beautiful. It's not about the huge buildings or the unique parks and tourist spots. Its beauty goes beyond what the eye can see.

I've been to several cities in the country and so far, they're all beautiful and unique on their own. There are times when I'd imagine how my life would be if I lived in a different city. But damn, I'd shake that thought away right after thinking it because I'd never trade Cagayan de Oro for anything else.

It's home.