The Condo Check List

Primavera Residences

Living independently is an idea that I’ve always fancied ever since. In fact, I went on a little condo hunt in the internet several days ago. It was sort-of an exercise for when I finally decide to move out and live on my own. Lol okay, I know how crazy that might sound but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little prepared for the inevitable *wink wink*

Anyway, when I was doing the exercise, I came up with 5 aspects to consider when choosing a condo. These are the following:


Number one on the list is the location of the condominium. For me, it has to be several blocks away from where I’d work or study. I want to be able to walk everyday and save the money I’ll be spending for commuting. It also has to be near to shops and restaurants that I’ll possibly be frequenting. 

In Cagayan de Oro, the upcoming Primavera City has a prime location. It’s situated near SM City CDO, government offices, companies, shops, and restaurants. Also, it’s location in the uptown area of the city guarantees flood-free living. 

This kind of location is exactly what I’m eyeing for my future home :)


Artist rendition of Primavera City’s swimming pool area

Not only do I want a condominium with first class quality swimming pools and gyms, impressive security system, and intricately designed building and units, but I also want a building that has extensive effort in conserving the environment. 

Primavera City is one of those brilliant green buildings. They make a great deal of effort in helping the environment. One of their efforts is providing clean energy to the residents through of their semi-photovoltaic panels installed in the roof top and the side of the hotel building (next to the condo!). These panels gather energy from the sun, something that this country is blessed with, and converts it into electricity. 

The building is also designed in a way that makes use of the fresh breeze that the uptown area of the city is abundant with. You can definitely cut back on your aircondition or electric fan usage because of the natural ventilation. 

These features don’t compromise the modern Italian design of the building. A+ for a stylish and green building! 

The Units

Artist rendition of a one-bedroom unit in Primavera City

Since I’ll be living alone, I’m setting my focus on investing in a studio unit. I like the idea of living in a studio unit because it makes me think of all the things I can do to maximize the space. I’ve watched several videos on Youtube about how people made the most out of their studio units, and their tips were pure genius. I’d like to try that in my future home. 

Well, it would be cool to have a room mate too. And if I do have one (like my sister) a studio unit that can be spacious enough for two people would be nice. 

Out of all the condos I’ve checked so far, I like Primavera City’s studio unit because I think it’s spacious enough for me. Plus, there’s a balcony! Not a lot of condominiums have that. I can have a few friends over for dinner and install fairy lights in the balcony. How cute would that be haha :)

To see more of Primavera City’s unit plans, you can check out their website

The Design

Ever since I’ve started a design segment for my blog series, Weekly Favorites, I love looking not only at interior designs but also buildings. I’d definitely want to invest on a unit in a condominium that would make me sigh with so much love every time I come home from work or school. 

One of the condominiums that caught my eye is Primavera City. Its modern Italian design is pure eye candy. It’s definitely something that would make me stop walking for a second, admire its design, and think “I can’t believe I’m living in such a pretty building” :D


Of course, I’d want (and I know for sure you guys too) a condominium that won’t give my wallet a heart attack. Luckily, there are buildings that have good payment deals that will suit your budget. 

Primavera City, for example, has units as low as 1.7M. They currently have a promo of 7,500 monthly for 36 months. That’s not too bad, isn’t it? I mean, you’ll be investing on a classy unit with hotel-like feel, and you’ll get to enjoy first class amenities. I think it’s worth it ;)

Though I’ve fancied the idea of independent living long ago, it’s quite surreal now that I’m moving towards that phase in my life. I mean, I find myself hunting condominiums for Pete’s sake. It’s going to be my reality soon, which is why it’s best to consider all this before investing on it.

There might be more items on your list, but these are the top four for me. I’d love to read about what aspect you will consider when choosing a new home, especially if you’re thinking of living independently in a condominium :) 

Italpinas Development Corporation, the developer of Primavera City, is a real-estate firm specializing in the development of sustainable mixed-use buildings in emerging cities such as Cagayan de Oro City. 

To know more about the company and its projects, you may visit To know more about Primavera City, and follow for the latest updates.

*This is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are entirely my own.