Why Death Is The Least Thing That Scares Me

Back when I was in my fourth year in college, my Philosophy teacher once said, "Ask your parents or anyone you know about death. There's a 95% chance that they'd quickly change the subject and literally knock on wood. Or worse they'd say "Should we be worried? Is there something you're not telling us" Try it. Try it when you get home tonight. Ask them." Well, it's not his exact words, but you guys get what I'm talking about. That discussion is probably one of the few classes that I'll never forget.

Death has always been a sensitive topic. We don't openly discuss it during family dinners or when you're eating lunch with your girl friends, not unless something death-related happened recently to someone you know. It's a topic that you definitely don't want to open up to your parents (or grandparents!!!) out of the blue. When you do try to discuss it with them, you'll be met with concerned looks, or they knock on wood as if doing so would save you from the inevitable.

It's all so silly that talking about death gives off a weird ~vibe~ and makes some people uneasy. It's silly that people are afraid of something that's certain. I mean, there are countless other things that are scarier than death. For me, getting that crippling feeling of regret is terrifying as f. When I'm 80 years old (that is if I get lucky that I'd reach that age) or when my life flashes before my eyes, I don't want to look back and regret the things I did or the things I didn't do. I want to live a life that, when death comes, I'll welcome it with open arms and yeah sure, with a grin too.

How about, instead of being afraid of death, we use it as a way to assess our lives? I don't know if this happens to you too, but there are times when I look at my parents and think, "One day, I'll be living the rest of my life without these people. Have I expressed enough how much I love them?" Reminding myself of my mortality makes me want to hug the people I love a little tighter, treat others with so much more respect and kindness, love more — generally, it makes me live life better. Death clears up your mind like that. It makes you focus on the things that truly matter.

Yeaaah...then again, maybe this is just me. What do you guys think?