TV Shows I'm Currently Obsessed With

Favorite TV Shows

This entire post is a portrayal of how much of a "TV show addict" I am and how much I badly need to go out and see my friends. Over the past few weeks, aside from being totally slammed at work, I've been busy looking out for new episodes. Along the way, I also discovered new shows but so far, these three are on top of my list. (Just a little warning, I might slip a few spoilers here and there so read at your own risk)

I'm 95% sure that most of you guys have already discovered these shows. I'm also going to bet that you love them as much as I do, which is why I thought of writing about them in the first place. My need to discuss the storylines, the characters, ideas, conspiracies, etc. was so strong that I found myself thinking one afternoon, "I have to write about this."

Well okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But seriously, these stories are so compelling that I just couldn't resist expressing my thoughts. Let's move on, shall we? :)

Favorite TV Shows

This show has probably driven thousands, if not millions, of people nuts. I'm not sure if a friend recommended this show to me, or I stumbled upon it somewhere on the internet, but I'm grateful to whoever or whatever it may be that caused me to watch the pilot episode. 

Ever since its first season,

How To Get Away With Murder has been epic. Just when I thought I feel like I know what's going to happen next, the writers throw in an unbelievable twist. Every episode never fails to make me (and millions of people everywhere) go "What the fu*k just happened?"

A lot of things has happened since Sam Keating's murder and all the shit that happened in the Hapstall house (honestly, how are the siblings holding up? And let's not forget Phillip). So far, the show's handing out these crazy surprises left and right. AK's burning house, Wes' daddy issues, Laurel's secret, Frank going rogue, Coliver's break (Connor + Oliver) — these are some of the things that messed with my mind.

I'm totally not sure what's going to be revealed in the season finale because like I said, the story doesn't always go the way audiences think it will. What I'm sure of now is that there's an unidentified person taken out from AK's burning house. All the main female characters are alive. Most of the dudes are safe except for Connor and Frank. I have this gut feeling that it might be Connor because he was a weak character this season. It could be Frank or even Nate (or maybe Phillip? Lol where is he?). What do you guys think?

Lucifer TV Show

Another show that I'm obsessed with is Fox's Lucifer. I binge-watched the entire first season weeks before the season two came out.

Lucifer, the devil, got sick of hell, so he escaped and took a vacation in where else? Los Angeles, the city of angels. I was instantly hooked on how he was portrayed in the show. His perspective on hell, his job as a punisher, and his Father are fascinating.

He said he doesn't punish people just for the heck of it. He does "justified punishment." And just like some of his Father's creation, he too is very confused and mostly angry about His grand plans. I'm not sure what episode it was or who said it (I think it was his brother Amenadiel or his therapist), but there was a scene when Lucifer was told that tormenting souls in hell for eternity is an important job and that God trusts him so much that he gave that job to him. But of course, Lucifer doesn't feel grateful at all.

You know, it's this kind of storylines that makes you think "Could it be?". I mean, for me, I've been presented with one side of the story ever since I was a kid. It was always Lucifer who was the villain, the rebellious angel, and that anyone who commits sin will inevitably go on a highway to hell. But then again, he's an angel once. Did he choose to rebel? What made him do it? Some say it was his deep desire to be more than God. Or maybe there was something that his Father did that he didn't agree with and that made him rebel? There's more than one side to a story, you know, and I like how this show is presenting a different one.

Black Mirror

I recently stumbled upon this gem when I read people's tweets about it. I watched its trailer, checked its Facebook page and got interested about it because of people's comments.

Black Mirror isn't a TV show that you need to start watching the pilot episode of the first season. There are different stories shown in every episode, and they're not connected with each other. Well except maybe for its central theme which is technology. It's kind'a like the modern version of Twilight Zone or The Tales from The Crypt — both creepy and chilling shows that I enjoyed with my dad back when I was still a kid.

Season 1 and two only has three episodes and season 3 has six. I'm done with watching season one, and my favorite is probably The Entire History of You. People were wearing these hard drives that were as small as a pill and surgically embedded behind their ears. It allowed them to record whatever they were doing through their eyes and rewatch it later either alone or with a company. They call it "Grain." Sure it was convenient for most people, but it has caused a lot of serious problems to the main character which made him take it off (it was gross lol). It reminds me of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

What I like most about this show is that the stories are so on point with what's currently happening in society. Technology, the internet, and social media have taken over, and it's undeniable that as much as it makes our lives easier, there are so many negative impacts too. And this show presents different kinds of next-level tech and what it does to you. It makes you question about a lot of things.


Okay so maybe TV shows have taken over me these past weeks, but honestly, if a show is so great, I just couldn't resist binge watching and looking out for the new episodes to come out.

What about you guys? Have you seen these TV shows? What do you think of the stories? What are other great shows have you watched? Comment them down below! :)