Hello And Goodbye

Year End

It almost always ends the same. Three hundred sixty-four days pass and on the last day, I find myself feeling surprised at how fast time has flown by like I didn't already know that that's the way the universe works. Here I am again — conjuring words and crafting sentences to describe this year.

This was a year of visiting paradises in my home country and revisiting the ones I've already been to; of traveling to three different countries; of getting lost in a foreign country; of learning new cultures; of trying new cuisines; and of feeling overwhelmed by how incredibly beautiful this world is. It's a year of crushing goals left and right; of working on passion projects with both old friends and new ones; of earning trust from people I never thought I'd collaborate with; of doing above what's expected of me at work; of finding the courage to stand up again after every failure; and of spending more time with friends and family. 

Above all, 2017 was a year of immense growth; of living outside my comfort zone; and of finally forgiving myself. I probably have been sleep-walking my way throughout all these years because it's only in 2017 when I felt more alive

There aren't enough words that will express how grateful I am for everything I've experienced this year. All the positive and the negative things have shaped me into who I am now — stronger, wiser, braver, and most importantly, happier. Sounds like a Britney Spears song. To everyone who has been a part of my year, I'm grateful for you. I hope you know that you've changed one person's life with the littlest things you've done, whether it was good or bad.

For you who are reading this, whoever you are and from wherever you might be, this is my wish: I hope in 2018, you'll fall in love with being alive. To the "what-ifs" that you never had the chance to turn into "what is"; to the lost loves; to the friends, you cut ties with; and to the pain, you've been carrying in your suitcase. I hope you learn to leave them all behind where they belong and start moving forward. 

I don't know what the next year will hold. No one does. I can only hope that things will get even better.

Cheers 🍷

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