A Little Life Update

The Wandering Dreamer

People go to new places to try new things, to explore, and ultimately, to grow. They find comfort in the road, the airport, and the streets of an unfamiliar city. Sure, I think of myself as one of those people. But I also think that sometimes coming back to the familiar is important too. So here I am in the four corners of my room, taking a break from wandering and basking in every moment of being


It has been weeks since the last time I packed my bags and hopped in an airplane to another island in my home country. I was in Bohol last June 28 to 30 for a short vacation with two of my college friends. We were in Panglao Island most of the time because we've been to the tourist-y spots during April last year. That three-day Bohol trip is my last getaway for the summer.


I wish I could share all the stories about it right now in this post but I've saved it all for later. Most of my photos were shot in film so I have to wait for it to be processed. Right now, I still have 12 shots left in the roll. I have to consume all that before I rewind and have it processed. Shooting in film just teaches you to be damn patient.

Ever since I came home from that trip, I've been hustling harder and smarter at work. I haven't reached my one year mark for my job yet but I've been promoted twice this year already. I'll never stop being grateful for having an amazing boss and feeling slightly confused about what I did to deserve her. 

Aside from having my "main job", I have two side hustles to juggle. Working for a kid's songs company based in Australia and a cafe in my hometown doesn't feel like work at all. I guess that's how it is when you believe in the brand you're working with. 

Soon though, I'll be adding another one to my existing list of side hustles. My papa opened up to me about registering our printing business under my name a week ago.

A little back story: my family already owns a small printing and photocopy shop just in front of our house. The shop's business permit expired a long time ago and my parents didn't have time to renew it. Since I'm looking for a business to invest in, my papa told me about funding our own shop and it was a great idea. So yeah, I've been working on the papers and all the other stuff necessary for the business, this week. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly.

With all these things happening, I've set aside all the wandering and exploring to the later part of this year. It's going to be in places I've never been before and I've only dreamed of going. Oh and if you're wondering if I still have time to sleep, yes I do I have time for it and for binge-watching a new series, and for working out, and for petting my dog — the list goes on.

So stick around while I'm still here with the familiar, will you? :)